Friday, December 15, 2017

Confession Time: Cooking Fail Edition

Funny (& Long) Story Alert!
So, confession time. Tonight I had a deja vu moment.
I was cooking pork chops and it called for onion powder. I told the farmer that I had onion salt and garlic powder but no onion powder. I said, "Do you think it'd do the same thing?" He goes, "I don't know, try it." So we trade onion salt for onion powder.
After it's finished cooking, we try it. Y'all, it was so salty that it brought back a memory from high school. Check this out..

Monday, December 11, 2017

Georgia Country Store Adventure

Georgia Country Store Adventure

The Ultimate Country Roadtrip from Helen to Ashburn

We were headed home from our anniversary trip and we decided to stop at a few places. Our first stop was a small country store that is near the entrance to Helen, it's just inside the city limits and it simply the cutest little place I've ever seen! It had pumpkins and hay bales out front, signs galore saying, "Honey!", "Cider", & "Local Apples!" We slung our car into the tiny parking lot and went inside. We marveled at how cute this little store was. Shelves lined the walls all the way around the store to the back and were filled with goodies. The farmer got pickled okra and I got Apple Butter. I wasn't too sure about pickled okra but that stuff is really good Y'all. No kidding. The apple butter smells and tastes just like an apple pie. It is so tasty with toast first thing in the mornings! I could never find the name of this place or anything about it online. So if you ever go to Helen just look for the signs of the products they have.

Our next stop was outside of Cornelia at Jaemor Farms. It's on top of a hill off the highway and it is very well organized and planned! It has an "event barn" outside of the market and even a little deli on site! It had a few more attractions but we were so cold that we were ready to get in somewhere warm.  As we walked into the market I could smell the boiled peanuts outside the front door on the porch. It smelled like Summertime even though it was freezing out. On the inside, it's set up like any average supermarket but 99% of the products are what I consider homemade/homegrown. Anything from relishes, loaves of bread, salsas, jars of butter, jellies, handmade soaps, all the way to beef that has been raised on farms nearby. It is such a good well thought out set up. The farmer got himself some pear relish and I got a loaf of jalapeno cheddar bread & some "chow chow". If you're ever headed up that way be sure to drop by Jaemor Farms.

After leaving Jaemor Farms we headed past Atlanta to Vienna, Ga. What's in Vienna? "We're Nuts!" No seriously, this little store is just like the others except for one small detail. You can sample the foods and nuts that they have to sell. It's fun just to go through and sample everything. I tried the dark chocolate covered espresso beans and wow! Y'all. You haven't lived until you've tried these things! It's like eating chocolate coffee! I also got some Vidalia Onion Ranch Dressing! (Does anyone remember that onion called Yumion?! I always think of him when I hear Vidalia Onion.) The farmer got himself some "Sweet Heat Pecans" which are spicy, sweet pecans and he also got basic chocolate covered pecans.
Is it obvious that we love to eat?

Our last stop on this trip home was in Ashburn. A little closer to home. My farmer's stepdad works at Carroll's Sausage and we decided to make a surprise trip/sausage run. We went back to the meat counter in the little country store and got some kind of maple syrup & cheese sausage, jalapeno cheese sausage and smoked bacon & cheddar sausage. The Maple Syrup sausage was incredible! I could eat that every single morning with sugar cane syrup. It is so sweet and yummy! It was my favorite! The Farmer loved the other two kinds! Those three are our new go to's when we head that way!

After leaving Carroll's we headed home to cook our sausage, eat our relish, have apple buttered bread for dessert and talk about how much fun it was to have that adventure through Georgia.

Do you have any country stores that you like to visit in Georgia? 

Put it in the comments below! 😁 

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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

The Scratch Recipe Project: Homemade Hot Chocolate

A Recipe for Hot Chocolate 

The Farmer & I are back from the beautiful city of Helen and it seems that we may have brought back a bit of a chill with us. It is currently around 50 degrees out and I am kicking it inside for now. I went to gather eggs this morning and I got a bit of rain on me so I'm trying to keep warm for the rest of the day.
So anyway, I began craving hot cocoa halfway through the day.

I mean, who doesn't love hot chocolate on cold days? 

But I didn't want hot chocolate from the pouch like I have always had. I wanted it homemade. (Yes, Y'all know me with my homemade recipes...) 

Here is one I found and tried that I can't even describe how good it is. I have never tasted a single pouch of hot chocolate that tastes better than this hot cocoa. Be sure to try it and let me know what y'all think! 

print recipe

Hot Chocolate for Cold Days
This hot chocolate is sure to delight the young, old and cold people in your life!
  • 1 Tablespoon Cocoa Powder
  • 1/3 Cup Sugar
  • 1 3/4 Cups Milk
  • 1/4 Cup Milk (separate from other milk)
1. Stir together the cocoa powder and sugar in a saucepan. Blend them together. 
2. Add the ¼ cup of milk.
3. The milk and cocoa mix won’t blend until you add heat. Bring the mix to a low boil over medium-high heat, stirring constantly. 
4. Let it boil a minute or two until the sugar has dissolved. Don’t stop stirring even for a minute! 
5. Once it’s all mixed, add the rest of the milk. I poured it straight out of the jug and it was still amazing. I think I may have poured around two cups. 
6. Turn the heat back up to warm it a little more. NOTE: If you’re giving it to small children you can skip that because the cold milk will make it lukewarm, perfect for little mouths! 
7. Enjoy with friends & family around the fireplace and snuggle up with a blanket!

Monday, December 4, 2017

Our One Year Anniversary

As of yesterday, I have been the farmer's wife for a year & what a year it has been! I was transplanted into a totally new lifestyle and on this day last year, I woke up next to the love of my life thinking I knew what this lifestyle was going to be about. This one single little "piddly" (as my grandmother would say) year has been the most wonderful and unexpected year of my life.

I've seen things most people don't get to see in lifetimes, I've been in many situations that some can only dream of and I've done things that even I never expected to do. In fact, sometimes when I do something I never saw even myself doing I will think, "Yep, that was the lady of the farm, not me."

On the way to our current location (more on that later) the farmer and I were talking about how it was kind of funny how we first saw each other. The memories we have of each other are hilarious.

"Yeah, you shot me a smile when you were sitting at my table as a freshman."
"Yeah because you were staring so hard at me that I thought you may kidnap me. *insert wink fail here*

We talked about how we met and how we looked at each other in the beginning, believe me, it was not really a love at first sight situation. More of a "you're cute but I wouldn't ever date you" sort of thing. In fact, it wasn't until years later that we reconnected and seemed to grow on each other.
Our love story is one that is particularly funny and romantic all at the same time. From dancing on dirt roads in the headlights of the truck to running down hospital hallways to just be next to each other, it has been worthy of a book. Maybe someday, that will come true.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Memories of the Old House

As we drove by the old house I said to the farmer, "I've always loved old houses like that. I wonder what it looks like on the inside." He looked over at me sitting in the passenger seat, "Want to check it out?" I nodded excitedly & he pulled into the yard of the old house. It was one of his relatives home's from sometime back in the day. From the outside, it was just a basic little farmhouse. Wooden exterior, two front doors, a wide porch. It was so simple, yet so pleasant. I moved through the wildflowers and the farmer helped me up onto the porch. "Wow. I feel like I just stepped back in time." I walked through the door and fell in love. Suddenly I forgot my farmer was there and I was whisked away back to a simpler time. The original flooring was in perfect condition, I marveled at how beautiful it could be if it was polished and cleaned up a little. The old bathroom was still intact. It was as if whoever lived there last had just gotten done with a shave on a Sunday morning and just left the house. The razor was still in the sink.

 I went into the living room next. An old recliner sat by the fireplace and above the mantle was a photo of Jesus. I walked around the living room touching every piece of history. I felt like I could almost see a family living there and I could feel them going through daily life. I sat on the living room floor and ran my fingers across some misplaced floral tile on the floor. This place was beautiful. 

I then went to the dining-room where the black and white checkered wallpaper (if I'm remembering correctly?) was still on the wall. I stood looking out the window. Someone ate dinner here, they ate breakfast here, they looked out this same window as I am right now. That's so exciting to me!
I turned to the kitchen which still had the cabinets and looked as if someone had just prepared to can some goodies. There were jars everywhere! This kitchen was a time capsule. Clothes still hung in the wardrobe!
 I took so many photos that day but can't find a single one for some reason. 😢 

Months later we were driving the tractor down the road and I took the photo you see in this post. I didn't know that would be the last photo I ever got of the old house. When we rode back by, it was being torn down by an excavator. Now me being the historical nut that I am, I was heartbroken, I pressed my nose to the window and cried. All that history, gone. All those memories, forgotten. The house, gone. I was devastated. But in the weeks following I spent some time cleaning up the yard. I realized that memories were in the home, yes. But many more memories were in the yard. I called some friends who are great with metal detecting. We found coins where the front porch was, we found an old mason jar lid with a picture of a farmer on it, I found an old oven rack and an old mayonnaise jar lid. We also found a wooden cross there in the yard. The lot we live on is full of memories and good times, you just have to open your eyes to them. There have been many times that I just sit on my steps and look out over the old oak tree and think of all the memories that I don't even know about that have happened on our little farm.  It is wonderful to know so much history has happened on the ground that I walk on every single day.