Monday, November 20, 2017

When God is your Driver...

Jordan (right) & I
The sermon began with a song, I couldn't tell you what song because my mind was in a world of worry. I had been in my "dark place" this past week. Mostly the reason I couldn't even force myself to write a decent article for y'all. 🙁 The "dark place" is where I find myself at least once or twice a month. I become depressed, I'm always tired, I'm worrisome, agitated, irritable, sad, angry, and every other unflattering emotion. But it usually only lasts a few days. Even my husband said that he was glad I was back to my normal self as of yesterday. What fun is a wife who mopes around and naps?

 I can sit here and tell you all day that I don't know why this happens, but I'd be lying. I have my triggers. Sometimes all it takes it just to mention it in an unrelated conversation and I will immediately shut down or change the subject. Anyway, this past week I had to "crush my own spirit" in a sense about something that I had hoped would happen but it won't be happening anytime soon. 
So what do I do when my spirit is crushed? I go to church. Whether church is in a building, the woods, a pond, or even my guest bedroom. I go to church. 
This time it was a few places. It began in a building. The Nashville Mission was the church I was raised in since birth. I was brought in a carrier as a baby, begged to be quiet as a toddler, drug through the front door as a rebellious teenager, and now I go every time I get the chance. It's always refreshing to see everybody that I was raised up around, they just "get me". 

So I sat through the service and went out with my family afterward for pancakes. Because who can't pass up pancakes from IHOP?!
 Then on my way home, I began to slip back to my place. I told God to take my car wherever he wished. So I thought I was going to the spot I usually go to get away. I turned down the dirt road and I saw a familiar face. That is when I realized why God had taken my car that way. 

Sunday, November 12, 2017

An Interview With The Farmer

An Interview With The Farmer
I saw an article in the Farmer's Almanac that interviewed farmers both men and women of all races & backgrounds. It made me wonder, 'What would my husband say if he was asked some of these questions?' 

He was on his phone posting on Craigslist so I didn't get long answers or explanations, just some short answers. Then again he wasn't aware that I was doing this post either so he will probably add on to his answers later when he reads over this. 😁

1.What made you want to become a farmer?
“It’s in my blood.”

2. What is the best part of your job?
“Watching the crops and livestock grow.”

3. What is the worst part of your job?
“It’s risky.”

4.  What gets you through the tough days?
“My loving wife.”

5. Where do you wish to be in 5 years?
“Farming more land.”

6. How long have you been farming?
"Since I was about 13 or 14."

7.What did you grow on the farm when you first started?

8.What time does your day start and end?
"8 to 8. Sometimes later."

9. If you could choose any other job besides farmer, what would you choose?
HIM: "Rancher."
ME: "That doesn't count."
HIM: "Ain't nothing else I wanna do."

10. Is there anything you wish you had done when you were a beginner farmer?
"Study my grandaddy's farming practices more."

Keep on reading...Can't get enough of the farmer? Neither can I!

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Thursday, November 9, 2017

10 Things To Do For Your Small Farm Before Winter

The road by our farm one morning last Winter 
 Fall is a magical time of the year filled with festivals, pumpkins, and fallen leaves. It’s a time of gathering around campfires and enjoying time with families. Here on the farm though, it’s a little bit of a different story. Here are a few things to do in the fall to prepare for Winter.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Water, Baptism, Fear & Silent Tears.

Sometimes I have trouble focusing and
when that happens I usually hear
God speak to me the clearest. 

Water, Baptism, Fear & Silent Tears.

He cornered me in a little white church in Enigma, Ga. He cornered me and prepared me to conquer the only fear I had since childhood. He finally had me in the spot he wanted me.

My biggest fear began when I was around 3 years old. I was held underwater and my three-year-old mind couldn’t comprehend what was happening. I won't go into details but the water was going all in my eyes, my nose and when I opened my mouth to breathe, water got in there too. I was lifted up out of the water choking & crying then I was dunked back under. Not many people know what caused my fear of water. But I never wanted to condemn anyone. I never wanted them to be held accountable for my own fears. It was something so innocent & so simple, but to me, it was traumatic.

Every time I got near a larger body of water bigger than my bathtub I relived that feeling of drowning and choking. I’ll never understand how my mind has worked all these years. I am comfortable in the water as long as everyone gives me space but when others get near me in any body of water I get nervous and I will NOT put my head under. NEVER. I have family that has never seen me go underwater. I would be in the pool with cousins all Summer long but not once would I put my head under water. Bees would be flying around and everyone would go under but I would rather be stung by bees than to go underwater. I can count on one hand how many times I’ve been underwater in twenty-one years.


All five was me somehow almost drowning. Whether it be slipping in a pool, going under the ocean waves, or being pushed under. I can’t swim either because of my fear of water. If I go underwater I have panic attacks. I will seriously come up with my heart beating out of my chest. Which is why i’ve never been baptized. People have always pushed me to get baptized, but the older I get the more I realize that people don’t ask anymore, they just assume.

I never really think much about it either. Well, until today.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Chilly Mornings & 13 Bean Soup

The day began like most good novels would, "It was a chilly October morning." I pulled my sweater over my pajamas and slid my feet into my boots. My farmer was about to walk out the door and I was right behind him holding Abbie so she wouldn't run to the truck. It was one of those beautiful moments in life. You know, the ones where you see your husband driving to work and you're holding the kids and saying, "Wave bye to daddy!"
Once the truck was out of sight I let go of Abbie and we went to check the chickens like we do on my days off. 
Hens are still roosting and nodding off while most of the roosters were patrolling around the coops. At night when they roost, most of them get in a tree that's in the pen but the rest congregate in the hen house and the little coop where we shut them up at dark. 

I love my chickens & I love days like today even more. Want to know what makes chilly days like today even better? 


Don't let me lose you right there. I'm not talking about just any old soup. My farmer and I had soup a night or two ago and he HATES soup, but when he ate it he raved on and on about how it was the best thing on the table. It's a 13 bean soup and my husband liked it so much that he begged me to write, "Kevin's Soup for Colds" on my recipe in my little cookbook i'm making. He's been trying to catch a head cold and the soup seemed to make him feel a little better. 😂

It has a nice smokey flavor from the meat. (We got smoked bacon instead of ham hock.) 

Now that I have your attention with the meat comment, let me give you the recipe.  It does take some time to make but once it's made, wow. You will not regret the time and labor put into this. I pinky promise.