Tuesday, April 28, 2015

So. This is my first post. What do most people write about their first time writing on their own blog? Hmm, oh well. Here it goes. My name is Adrian and I am the Lady of the Farm. Well, almost.

My boyfriend is "The Farmer". He is so hardworking and a total sweetheart! I have heard little birdies talking about hearing engagement in my future this year. But who knows? Until then, it's up to me to become the perfect "Lady of the Farm". I have begun planting gardens, cooking more and trying to figure out ways to become the perfect farmwife which is quite possibly the hardest transition I will ever make in my life. Right now, I live in a quiet little neighborhood in the city and The Farmer obviously lives in an old farmhouse in the boondocks. He farms 400 acres and is only 22 right now, He is absolutely perfect!

I am a blogger. I write for an interior design blog and also my own personal blog as of almost 10 minutes ago. I also work for a company called "The Rustic Shop" CLICK HERE TO GO TO MY SHOP. On top of that, I am a college sophomore and unhappily majoring in drafting. I won't even lie to you, I'm good at what I do. It's just not me anymore. I just want to finish it to get my degree so I can look better. Which, I know that's a dumb reason but, how many of you can say you'd respect a college drop-out verses someone with a degree. There's a certain amount of respect that I want, and I want it bad.

I plan on being a housewife (yes, the Farmer has okay'd it.) and keeping my online jobs. Maybe this blog will take off and the housewife life will be just that much easier. I'm very tight on money and if I can buy something cheaper, grow it, find it for free from friends and family I will.

My name is Adrian and I am the Lady of the Farm.

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