Thursday, May 14, 2015

My ideal blog & my support group

There was a blogger years ago, she was my favorite blogger before I became a Christian. She wrote about all kinds of thing from daily life, to plants, art. and even crystals. Overtime I forgot about her blog but lately I remembered her name so I looked her up... and I found her!

She had began to use magic in her artwork and her daily life. I stay away from magic all together. Before I became a Christian it was right up my alley. But becoming a Christian changes your heart. The things you once loved will be things you want to avoid. So I quickly got off her blog.
I loved the thought of a blog that wrote about plant, life, art, photography and other things like that but I wanted to read Christian stuff. Things that would help me expand my faith in God. I searched everywhere and although I know there may be some around, I couldn't find them.
I've decided that the picture of the perfect blog I'd love to read, I can create that. I almost already have actually. I will talk about my farm stories, my art, my plants in the garden and my faith in Jesus Christ.
What is my goal? My goal is to create my own beautiful little word on here to share with others. On that note, tonight on Facebook, a group of people from my hometown were debating on how students should get support at school. They found support in a group called "Gay Straight Alliance", no offense but I don't think that should be the name of it.
If I could start a group it would be called something like "All Together" and it would be for everyone with no labels attached. It would be a place for everyone to be counseled. Basically you could walk in and sit beside an 16 year old alcoholic and a 18 year old sex addict. That's one example. It would be for anyone suicidal, being bullied, addicts (yes, even teens can be addicts), anyone with any problem. They could meet and be counseled privately or in a group. The counselor(s) provided wouldn't judge, and  would keep everything confidential. They would take care of the student. Back when I was in high school, I remember a friend wanted our entire group to go to the counselor. We filled out a form to see her and a month later we were called up there just to tell her we sorted out our problems through arguing, scraping and deciding not to be friends. Point is, when we needed our counselor she was busy with other things. But this counselor would be for emotional support. Just emotional support.
I think it could work. I do.

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