Sunday, May 31, 2015

Planting pumpkins

Today was the fifth Sunday so we didn't have night church. So what did I do? I spent my afternoon in my teeny tiny little garden pulling little bugs from the leaves of my cucumbers. Then I began planting pumpkin seeds.
Pumpkins are so beautiful! They're so big and orange! I absolutely love pumpkin season, the smell, the feel, even the excitement from going to a pumpkin patch! Fall is my favorite season and I seriously can't wait!

I love working in my garden, The feeling of the dirt is almost magical. Speaking of which, when I was younger I had warts all over my finger. One day I was swinging on my swing set and the chain broke, I flew out of the swing and fell on the ground, my finger went into the ground and I got dirt in the wart, I tried getting all the dirt out but I couldn't.
A few weeks went by and slowly my wart started shrinking, I personally feel it was the healing power of dirt.

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