Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Spirit Gifts & ICU

Last Sunday at church the preacher spoke of "spirit gifts", I had never really given them much thought but for some reason Sunday kind of sparked something in me. I wanted to find out what my spirit gift is, then after awhile of thinking and praying I decided to take a test. I took a spirit gift test and half way through it came to me and it made so much sense. Sure enough, when I finished the test there it was, the gift name that had come to me. Read more to find out about when I needed my gift the most....

Ever since I became a Christian my life has revolved around having faith in Jesus. Faith that he'd see me through. In the past few months, my faith has truly been my crutch. 

Last Fall the Farmer started getting sick, he went to the clinic where they told him he had a virus and they gave him medicine for it. He took the medicine and got better. He still had what he described as cramps once in awhile but overall he was better. 

A couple months go by and he is sitting at his grandfather's funeral. I assumed he was a Christian when I first met him, the way he talked and acted had sure fooled me. Anyway, he's sitting at his grandfather's funeral and next thing I know I'm getting a call (after the funeral of course). 

He had gotten saved during the funeral.

That Sunday I expected him to go to church, but instead, he went hunting. I started doubting him telling me he was saved. I decided it was one of those "false alarms". You know, where you think you're saved but really your heart was just touched not changed. That day while hunting he had a sudden pain, he gradually hurt more and got sick throughout the day. 

Monday morning I got a call from his sister saying he was in the E.R. 

I rushed to the emergency room waiting area and joined his mom and dad. We had just started dating a couple months before so for me to be there was nervewracking, it made me nervous to be there with two people I barely knew and Kevin not around.

We sat there while he was having tests done and I watched everything going on around me, I guess the reality of the situation didn't hit till it was all over and maybe sometimes that's a good thing, that means there's no time to panic. It just felt like a dream. Kevin was wheeled in on a wheelchair and he looked awful, he looked like death. He laid in the chair by me and I hoped it was just a virus. But deep inside me somewhere I knew this was no virus.

The nurse came in and informed us that she had some bad news. He would have to be taken into emergency surgery because his appendix had started to rupture. I got under one arm and his mom got under the other and we helped this big old country boy walk down the hall to the surgery prep room. I helped his mom change him then his stepdad arrived. He was already on the morphine and it sure was kicking in. His mom called everyone and let them know the situation and his family started coming to the waiting room. They took him back and he said, "Can we pray before I go back?" We said yes but we forgot to, he fell asleep and they took him back. 

In the waiting room surrounded by his family, I felt so small. Then I remembered he had wanted to pray before he went back, I started praying right there. I felt so bad that I had forgotten that...

awhile later....

The doctor called on the waiting room phone. We were the only ones there so we knew it was for us. He told us that his blood pressure had bottomed out during surgery and they were taking him to ICU for observation and that we could come to the hallway to see him. I, of course, jumped at the opportunity. His youngest sister and I ran down the hallway to see him and as soon as he saw me he said, "There's my old lady." and he did a weak smile. I ran up to him and held his hand. Then after a few drowsy words, they took him up to ICU. 

I followed and that night I stayed long enough to tell him that I loved him and I would be there every chance I got. I kissed him then went home. 

Every day for a week I would go up there sometimes for 4 or 5 hours sometimes for 1 hour just to sit by him and hold his hand. He would talk and know I was there for a few minutes then fall back asleep. It was that way for days. 

Then one night they took him from ICU and took him to a different room. 

His youngest sister and I stayed the night two nights so his mom could go home and rest and boy was it interesting. Every two hours he had to get up, he either needed medicine, had to go to the bathroom or was having crazy dreams. His sister was out like a light. I sat by him in the chair sleepily telling him everything was alright or that I was right there with him. Or I was getting up and running to unplug the machine from the wall to help him walk to the bathroom. It's a good thing I'm a light sleeper. It wasn't the easier week, but I must say every night I was praying hard. Harder than I had ever prayed in my life. 

When he was asleep I'd put my hand in his and pray for him. That week something happened inside both of us. I began to appreciate him more and he became a true Christian. The next Sunday he went to church, I began praying more and we haven't stopped. He's been to church every Sunday since and I've been growing closer to God. 

Although it was at his expense, I believe God was working through him to get to both of us. And it worked. 

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