Sunday, June 28, 2015

Mystery woman

Photo Credit: Laurel Leaf Farm
Years ago, on a Summer morning, three sisters were in the bathroom brushing their teeth. They started pushing and laughing while trying to spit in the sink. They began pushing into each other more violently and one of the sisters fell against a wall. On her way down she hit an antique powder box. On the floor, it went. When it hit the floor, it opened and what came out made all three sisters gasp....

Saturday, June 27, 2015

I could use some help, thanks :)

Photo Credit: Susan Branch
When most girls turn eighteen, their mothers and grandmothers usually pass something on to them. Well, I didn't get anything when I turned eighteen. Now that I am nineteen I am wishing I had something passed down to me like a recipe book filled with the best of my family's recipes. So now that I am being faced with cooking for a hungry farmer and his family and my family in the future I need some good recipes and I have none! I am having to look through Martha Stewart cookbooks and also write down every recipe that looks decent.

My opinion on Gay Marriage and the Confederate Flag

The South and all country people were thrown into a wildfire of rage this past week after Walmart, Amazon and I think Ebay all agreed that they would not be selling any products that had the confederate flag on them. If that's not enough to make a country person or born and raised Southerner angry then the Allowing of gay marriage in all 50 states a couple days later would blind them with rage. So, what do I as a born and raised southern woman and christian think of all this?

A beautiful blog full of vintage creations

Photo Credit: aspiring-homemaker
Today the Farmer asked for a good home cooked meal. So I decided to create some vintage recipes, of course none of my family members took the time to put together a hand me down of old family recipes so I looked it up on Pinterest. Cliche, right? Well, I looked it up and I found this recipe for relish. But the relish wasn't what caught my attention.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Why do I like to garden?

The rain is pouring down outside. It's nice to have the rain though. My plants weren't doing well in this heat. It's been in the 90s and even the 100s this past week and my plants aren't taking it too well. When I first started my garden my mom said, "Adrian, we have raised beds at our house, we can water them for you and you won't have to worry about them." But I said something that I think may have surprised her...

Sunday, June 21, 2015

My daily mantra

"She is clothed with strength & dignity and laughs without fear of the future." 
Proverbs 31:25  

How to make a Georgia Pine-cone

Photo Credit: Food Network
After a day full of looking through cookbooks, old recipes and writing everything on notecards, I am exhausted. I want to be able to cook for the Farmer things that he actually WANTS to eat. I want him to brag on me like he does his nana. He told me all night about how she can fry some chicken and okra and it was the best stuff he had ever had. Well, I want to be able to do that too. I want him to tell everyone how I am the best cook he's ever seen! Well, I found myself searching and one thing he requested was a "Georgia Pine-cone". Here's what you should know about this:

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A Gardening Tip for those who are clueless

My garden is growing! 

But we have a problem. This southern heat is killing my plants, yesterday and today it was in the 100s here. My friend told me that it was 103 degrees according to her truck today. When I got home I noticed my plants were beginning to wilt a little so I went ahead and watered them and the Farmer told me to water them more than I normally do because of the heat. So here's a gardening tip if you're clueless in the garden like myself. 

If it's very hot outside your plants will need more water, just like us. 

Stay cool everyone! 

Tomato pie & a sweet old lady

I was at the fruit stand the other day when a little old lady came up and started talking to the Farmer, I was loading baskets so all I heard was "tomato pie" and "I loved it!" I assumed she had made a tomato pie with his tomatoes and that she had liked it. I walked over smiling and wiping my blackberry covered hands on my shirt and she said, "Is this your wife?" He smiled and put his arm around me and told her "Soon to be." Then she did a sweet smile at me, told me I better learn to make tomato pie then winked and left with her produce. I looked over at the Farmer and asked what that was about. He proceeded to tell me that the little old lady had given him a recipe for tomato pie and he had fallen in love with it. So what did I do? I searched for a tomato pie recipe.

Thursday, June 11, 2015


So, I have news for all my readers, whether you're returning, subscribed or just stumbling upon my own little online world. I have news for you! Okay, sit down and prepare yourself. You may actually want to like maybe get a drink or something and possibly even get a bowl of popcorn and be sure that you have someone nearby to run screaming through the town to make sure everyone knows. Okay, here it goes...

What is country living?

Photo Credit: Pinterest
I was going through a magazine awhile back and I found some pages on "What does country living mean to you?" It really made me think about that. What does it mean? Well, here are a few of the replies. 

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Reliving memories...

For the first time last night I let The Farmer read my blog. 

Our first date night, I had a cheeseburger in my mouth haha!
He read the article about him being in the hospital and in ICU that week and he told me that it was crazy to read everything that had happened to him from the eyes of a bystander. I think I'd feel the same. I decided to read back through it, it really was like reliving that entire week all over again. It's kind of funny how you can remember alot of the bad times and not many good times. So since I told you all about the bad times. Let me tell you about the good times. Where to begin... 

Vintage Farm Photos: The good old days

Photo Credit: BeachBungalow8
Farms have been around since forever, they've been the source of many family's income.  I saw one vintage photo that inspired me to do a post on vintage farms, this post is mainly just photos of a time forgotten. In a world of technology, where the TV is background noise, the phone is glued to our hands and the radios are turned up loud, here is a trip back in time to some of the older but more simpler times. 

Making Peach Jam

Photo Credit: MotherEarthNews
I should be working, but I just can't bring myself to do it. I'm so exhausted. I feel like I could just fallout. Tonight I had blueberry jelly on crackers. (Thanks to my cousin, Jordan!) I've always wanted to be able to make jellies, jams and preserves. It's one of the things I have decided to learn when I become a full-time farm wife.  Might as well learn how to now. Right?
So apparently it's not nearly as hard as I thought it would be! I'm using Martha Stewart's recipe since you know, "Martha knows best". Here's her recipe that I will definitely be trying soon!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Feet Dirty and Hair Messy

Shanti once said, "At the end of the day, your feet should be dirty, your hair messy and your eyes sparkling." I was scrolling through Pinterest and I saw this photo of this quote. It is truly the realest thing I have ever read in my life. Someone once said "Adrian, you're going to get all dirty and nasty if you do that." My reply to that was, "At the end of the day I will feel better getting my shower if I stink and am dirty from head to toe rather than if I had done nothing and was just taking a shower to smell good." At the end of the day if my feet are dirty, my hair is messy and I need a shower, that is the best feeling shower you'll ever have. I believe in my heart that if you don't get your feet dirty and you're hair messy once in awhile then you're not living at all. In order to truly live you have to have evidence that you have lived. I saw a thing on facebook that said something about being born a blank slate and over time getting your evidence of living like your stretch marks, scars, birthmarks, freckles and other signs of living you may have. Don't think of these things as anything other than evidence that you've lived a good and eventful life It's just like the dirty feet thing. Dirty feet and messy hair are just another sign. Well, that's all I really wanted to write about. I just saw this and I had to share it along.

What do you think? Is Shanti right? Should your feet be dirty and hair messy at the end of the day?

The Farmer's Market

I began a new job venture. I'm helping out The Farmer at the fruit stands on Tuesdays and Fridays. It's been two or three weeks now and I think I'm doing pretty good. It's almost like a therapy working with all the bright and beautiful colors.
It's amazing to me how every single vegetable and every single fruit on that table has so much to it. Like, for example the peaches (which are Georgia peaches). They are so small yet have such an amazing impact on the body. One medium peach has 50 calories so it is great for losing weight. If you're on a mission to lose weight then this is the fruit for you. It helps to ward off obesity related diseases like cardiovascular disease & diabetes, can reduce wrinkles, and also combats the formation of free radicals known to cause cancer.

Who would've thought that such a tiny fruit could have such an impact on our bodies?