Saturday, June 27, 2015

A beautiful blog full of vintage creations

Photo Credit: aspiring-homemaker
Today the Farmer asked for a good home cooked meal. So I decided to create some vintage recipes, of course none of my family members took the time to put together a hand me down of old family recipes so I looked it up on Pinterest. Cliche, right? Well, I looked it up and I found this recipe for relish. But the relish wasn't what caught my attention.

The photography of this woman was amazing! I looked up her blog and spent almost two hours of my day going through her blog exploring the beautiful photos. Looking at her blog is like taking a step back in time to a simpler day and enjoying the simplicity of life. Her photos capture the everyday life of a homemaker. I love how her family does. I love how the family pulls together. They garden together, they take walks, they help each other out, they even have time to read books! It's an amazing concept to me, you know having time. Haha! The only catch is that she has retired from writing on that particular blog and hasn't posted her new blog. But the material is still amazing! Anyway, I know by this time you're curious as to what it is....

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