Thursday, June 11, 2015


So, I have news for all my readers, whether you're returning, subscribed or just stumbling upon my own little online world. I have news for you! Okay, sit down and prepare yourself. You may actually want to like maybe get a drink or something and possibly even get a bowl of popcorn and be sure that you have someone nearby to run screaming through the town to make sure everyone knows. Okay, here it goes...

I have started writing a book.

Okay, so I know what you're thinking, "So? Many people write books." But this is MY book. My book about MY journey through this farm life. The things that I go through with MY Farmer. 

Wow. Okay, hold on, let me get that to sink in a minute...

Now that all that has settled into my brain, I guess you're now probably wondering what it'll be about.  Everything from recipes, the farmer's favorites, my daily life, things I think of during the day, life on the farm, animals, God, farmhouses, whatever pops into my head. 

Alright, well now that all this is out in the open, go tell everyone you know. Thanks! 

P.S. It will be called.... **drum roll please!!!** 

"The Lady of the Farm! "

Obviously :)

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