Sunday, June 21, 2015

How to make a Georgia Pine-cone

Photo Credit: Food Network
After a day full of looking through cookbooks, old recipes and writing everything on notecards, I am exhausted. I want to be able to cook for the Farmer things that he actually WANTS to eat. I want him to brag on me like he does his nana. He told me all night about how she can fry some chicken and okra and it was the best stuff he had ever had. Well, I want to be able to do that too. I want him to tell everyone how I am the best cook he's ever seen! Well, I found myself searching and one thing he requested was a "Georgia Pine-cone". Here's what you should know about this:

A Georgia pine-cone is basically a blooming onion, onion blossom or anything else it's called. It is simply amazing. 

For a video on how to make this delicious appetizer CLICK HERE. 

I haven't ever tried this but I have to admit, I've never actually fried anything in my life. My mom didn't fry much either. My grandmothers did though. My nana used to make the most amazing fried chicken and my grandma made the best dumplings and my nanny made the best creme pies. Wow, her creme pies were indescribable. We had friends come from Colorado and the first thing they asked for was for her to make them creme pie. 
Every Sunday after church, my family would gather at my nana's house and have the best Southern Soul food. The tables were full of fried chicken, macaroni (which was always a favorite with all us kids), mashed potatoes and sometimes even greens. I haven't been over there in awhile. I think I may go sometime. 
Anyway, I guess I will get back to my findings. Ciao!

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