Saturday, June 27, 2015

My opinion on Gay Marriage and the Confederate Flag

The South and all country people were thrown into a wildfire of rage this past week after Walmart, Amazon and I think Ebay all agreed that they would not be selling any products that had the confederate flag on them. If that's not enough to make a country person or born and raised Southerner angry then the Allowing of gay marriage in all 50 states a couple days later would blind them with rage. So, what do I as a born and raised southern woman and christian think of all this?

Let's start with the confederate flag issue because obviously there are two separate issues that are to be addressed here. The confederate flag issue began because one man who seemed to be a flag obsessed racist went into a Charleston Church and shot and killed 9 innocent people. We offered our condolences and even expressed a bit of fear for  the safety of everyone going to church. But there's one thing that the news stations like FOX didn't tell you. He hated jews, christians, blacks and even himself. This man was a hateful soul. Well, almost a week later people are banning the confederate flag because of this one man. I feel awful that this happened to good christian people but there is no need to punish the entire South because of one single hateful person. That's like telling a first grade class not to talk or they will sit out at recess then one child whispers something and the entire class who behaved was punished for that one child. It's not fair to those who have done nothing and honestly, being raised in the South it is like spitting in the face of someone who has lived here their entire lives.
Another thing I've seen alot is people saying it's a sign of racism. To some, it is racism, to others it's heritage, to me, it's what my ancestors died for. It's a Southern thing Everything will offend someone somewhere. It doesn't matter what it is. The American flag for example, the college students at VSU that burnt it, stepped on it and kicked it, they were offended by the American Flag but does that mean we should remove it?
Think about that for a minute.

While you're still thinking about that, let's look at this gay marriage deal. Honestly, I do not approve of it, I don't like it and I don't like being around it BUT it is not my place to judge anyone for doing it. I won't tell you that you're wrong for loving who you do but I don't want to hear or see it. For example, I don't do PDA (Public displays of affection) like kissing in front of others or in public unless the Farmer is very good haha! But it's none of my business what you do in the bedroom or what you do on your date nights. In the end, the only one who can judge you is God.

Basically, we don't care who you marry or what you do, it's not our business we just want the flag back in stores and we don't want to get in trouble for flying them proudly. It's not racism, it's Southern Pride.

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