Sunday, June 28, 2015

Mystery woman

Photo Credit: Laurel Leaf Farm
Years ago, on a Summer morning, three sisters were in the bathroom brushing their teeth. They started pushing and laughing while trying to spit in the sink. They began pushing into each other more violently and one of the sisters fell against a wall. On her way down she hit an antique powder box. On the floor, it went. When it hit the floor, it opened and what came out made all three sisters gasp....
Old photos littered the floor.
Photos of babies, teens and families, mugshots and pet photos were everywhere. The three sisters stood there looking at the photos when one of them picked up a photo. "Whoa! This looks like you!" She showed the photo to the oldest of the three. "Wow, she does look like me." Her eyes puffed up at the bottom like the oldest sisters, her jaw line was identical to the oldest sister's and even her smile resembled the oldest sisters. They walked out of the bathroom after cleaning up the photos and forgot about it.

The oldest sister, however, could not forget it. She laid in bed that night with the face of the woman who eerily resembled her stuck in her head all night long, almost haunting her. She had to know more about this mystery woman. The oldest sister went to the bathroom and pretended to be using the toilet, she snuck the photo out of the box and into the pocket of her pajama pants. She rushed back to her room that she shared with the youngest of the sisters and carefully and quietly put the photo in her wallet. 

That next week she went to her mother's home which was far away. She turned the photo over and got the name of the woman and a town which wasn't too far from where she was. The oldest sister got excited by this but eventually, she got very busy and forgot about the photo. The photo sat in an old shoe box until one day 5 years later. The girl opened the box to get out a book and found the photo inside. After looking at it for a little while she began searching for the family of the mystery woman...

Flash forward 3 hours later and she got a lead which led to another and another and another...
She contacted the family member of the woman and is now waiting on a reply.

(I will update when he replies to me.)

UPDATE: The woman's family member contacted the oldest sister and confirmed that it was his grandmother or great grandmother? Something along those lines. But when she asked if he would like for her to mail him the photo he never replied...

UPDATE: The oldest sister had a friend who was into genealogy, the sister gave her a copy of the photo and the friend searched down the woman in the photo and added it to her "Find A Grave" memorial page. Click here for the link. 

It felt strange to actually know who the woman in the photo was, her birthdate and her death date. But now the question on the oldest sister's mind was, "What was she like?"

To Be Continued...

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