Thursday, June 11, 2015

What is country living?

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I was going through a magazine awhile back and I found some pages on "What does country living mean to you?" It really made me think about that. What does it mean? Well, here are a few of the replies. 

Country living means something different to all of us, what do you think of when I say country living? Do you think of sitting by the pond catching fish? Maybe you think of sitting around a bonfire with friends and marshmallows roasting over the fire? Here are a few things that readers of that magazine thought of country living. 
  1. It's all about freedom to embrace life at your own pace. 
  2. Country living is never having to tell the family dogs that they can't come along for the ride. 
  3. Sitting at the grandparent's kitchen table and eating a slice of one of my grandmother's famous homemade pies. 
  4. The chance to spend an entire afternoon on the front porch, relaxing on the hammock. 
  5. Family outings, road trips with the girlfriends, and watching the sun set at the end of a great day. 
  6. Sleeping under the patch-work quilt my best friend gave me on my wedding day. 
  7. Knowing everyone in my family is tucked into bed safe, sound, and happy.
  8. Country living means unplugging the cell phone and the computer and plugging in to what really matters - family, friends, community, and nature.
  9. It means living your best life.
  10. It's where you go for peace and quiet.
  11. Creating a happy home, where my children, my friends, my family, and my neighbors feel safe, cared for and always welcome. 
  12. Fireflies, swimming holes and leisurely Sunday suppers.
  13. Walking barefoot in the grass. 
  14. A roaring fire, a comfortable chair, and a good book.
  15. Finding happiness in life's simple pleasures.
  16. Taking time to not only smell the flowers, but plant them, too. 
  17. It is about putting down roots and being part of a community, 
  18. Country living means ladybugs and peonies and my mother's flower garden. 
  19. Working in the garden, dirt under my nails, with the sun on my face.
  20. Serving fresh eggs my kids just gathered from our chicken coop with a stack of buttermilk pancakes.
  21. Wide open spaces and the scent of freshly mowed grass.
  22. Watching my children learn to swim at the same lake where I had my first swimming lesson.
  23. Walking to my neighbor's yard sale.
  24. It's being industrious and figuring out how to make something out of nothing when the need arises. 
  25. Fostering a small-town feel among my family and friends, even though I live in a city of five million.
  26. Being confident enough to mix family heirlooms like my great-aunt's silverware with inexpensive plates. 
  27. Rumbling down an old dirt road in a pickup truck in my favorite vintage dress.
  28. Country living is all about summer. . .U-pick farms, community gardens, church picnics, trips to the beach, backyard barbecues, and old-fashioned Fourth of July fireworks. 
  29. Sitting in my kitchen with a friend, drinking coffee and talking, neither of us realizing the whole morning has passed. 
  30. Peacefulness.

What is country living to you? Write your thoughts in the comments below! 

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