Sunday, July 19, 2015

My Savannah Trip

I promised my readers a post about my trip to Savannah and now that I am back and finally settling back into my little nest, I have finally gotten the motivation to tell you all about my trip. It was fun and very interesting. I have some interesting stories about running through Savannah, getting locked in a haunted house's courtyard and even exploring a beautiful cemetery.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Farmer's Market Etiquette

Working at the Farmer's Market, you hear and see it all! Some things that people will do there at the market are things I never even thought of until working there. Some everyday things that most of us do in stores and markets are RUINING your fruit and the fruit others buy. Here is some Farmer's Market Etiquette.

5 Farmer & Lady Date Ideas

One of our many tractor dates
The Farmer and I have had many interesting dates since we've been together. When you're dating a farmer who stays as busy as mine does, you have to come up with some pretty create date ideas if you want to spend time together. In fact, that's why many women will not date a farmer because they're afraid he will stay too busy and have no time for them. But if you're dating a farmer and want to make sure it works, here's a few ideas for date night:

5 things you'll learn when you date a farmer

He just loves when he's in the middle of talking and I take photos.
The Farmer & I have begun to talk about the search for a temporary home more lately, & marriage seems to be coming faster and faster. Lately I have been reflecting alot. I don't feel like I should be this old. It's almost like I was 16 one day and I woke up the next day almost 20. How is it possible that you can be so wrapped up in life that it flashes before you? It kind of scares me. Well, that's another story for another day. Another thing I have been reflecting on is how much I changed after The Farmer & I began dating. I've learned so much and have a new respect for farmer's and all that they do. Here's a few things that you'll learn by dating a farmer.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Around the farm

The other day at the fruit stand the lady selling veggies next to me was talking to me about the farm's website:
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and how she had checked out the website. She said, "The only thing that would make it better would be photos of the farm." Luckily, the day before I had taken quite a few photos. You see, I had a very stressful week so instead of going to class on Thursday like I normally do, The Farmer & I worked around the farm together. We had to pick through peas, shell them to prepare for the market and also pick up a peanut trailer full of the peanut hulls to grind for the cows. Here's some photos and my thoughts on the day.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Happy Sunday!

I have shelled peas and shucked corn all week. At the fruit stand Friday I had may people come to buy pink eye purple hull peas. They were actually completely gone by 11:00! Almost ten bushels completely sold out! That's alot of shelling! Anyway, I just wanted to do a quick update with my readers and let y'all know that I have been a little busy and haven't had much time to write this week.  I am still trying my best to finish writing a book. I don't know when it'll be done or even started for that matter. Ha! Anyway, Happy Sunday y'all!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Ultimate Savannah Guide

Photo Credit: The Peak
Moss covered trees, the breeze whispering through the peaceful squares and architecture to die for! Savannah, Ga. is my favorite Southern city. You can walk down River St. sipping on sweet tea and eating pralines (which are seriously Heaven on Earth). You can enjoy the 22 squares that have something for everyone in the family. From elegant fountains in Forsyth Park to small gardens and fountains in the smaller squares. Savannah has something for every one and is the perfect getaway from reality. I love Savannah because I feel free. I feel like my gypsy soul (The Farmer doesn't approve of the free spirit in me haha!) is at home when roaming and exploring the city. I can sit on a bench in Reynolds Square and watch the people passing by me. I can close my eyes and fall into a historic realm. I personally believe, everyone should experience Savannah at least once in their life. It's the ultimate experience to go to this historic city and to experience the divine cuisine that is offered. You can also walk through the city with your alcohol as long as it is in a to go cup (a clear plastic cup) from a restaurant or bar.