Saturday, July 18, 2015

5 Farmer & Lady Date Ideas

One of our many tractor dates
The Farmer and I have had many interesting dates since we've been together. When you're dating a farmer who stays as busy as mine does, you have to come up with some pretty create date ideas if you want to spend time together. In fact, that's why many women will not date a farmer because they're afraid he will stay too busy and have no time for them. But if you're dating a farmer and want to make sure it works, here's a few ideas for date night:

  1. Peanut Trailer Date: I walked up to the peanut trailer thinking no way. There's no way. Next thing I knew I was crawling up into the peanut trailer. He had a mattress on the floor and candles on each side of it. We danced and watched the stars all night. We talked about the constellations, the sky, and our first date. 
  2. Dirt Road Date: This is pretty self explanatory, when gas prices are low we fill up the truck and go exploring. We will ride all over the county and talk about places we've been, show each other our secret fishing spots, and even the places we have found when exploring with friends. I remember on one of our first few dates we were on an old dirt road and the Farmer said "Do you know where we are?" I replied with, "Nope, I guess we will find out soon enough."
  3. Work Date: A woman came to the fruit stand and asked The Farmer if he was married, he told her he would be very soon and she goes "How on earth do you ever spend time with her?! You're always working!" I laughed and spoke up, "This is our date!" I count every moment I spend with him as a date not just those nights we go out.
  4. Tractor Date: Many farm wives that I know do this. You just get on the tractor and ride for hours. You may not be able to walk when you get off but as least you'll be with your man. You can even bring dinner to the tractor and feed him while he goes down the rows.
  5. Field Date: Have hogs running through the peanut fields? Go hunting with him at night, sit with him in the field or behind trees and whisper sweet things to each other. You can lean on his shoulder until he gets ready to shoot then you may want to pick your head up quickly to avoid the kick. 
Do you have any date ideas? Let me hear all about them! 

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