Sunday, July 19, 2015

My Savannah Trip

I promised my readers a post about my trip to Savannah and now that I am back and finally settling back into my little nest, I have finally gotten the motivation to tell you all about my trip. It was fun and very interesting. I have some interesting stories about running through Savannah, getting locked in a haunted house's courtyard and even exploring a beautiful cemetery.

Last Sunday, we loaded up. My friend Laura and I packed at least ten bags and headed on out. We drove about 3 hours until we finally got to our hotel. Oh! Let's not forget the ant colony that decided to attack me the ENTIRE drive up there. After we got to the hotel, we unpacked and went down to the river to eat at our favorite restaurant, Huey's. We then explored the river stores that were open, alot had been closed since it was Sunday.
After going up to our room we decided it was a great night for a hearse tour! haha! Who says that? I mean really! Anyway, we went on a hearse tour and rode around the city. It was fun, mainly because I had to do nothing but sit and listen to scary campfire stories.

The next day we woke up and it was POURING. We decided to wait out the rain and just do our hair and nails all morning. When we did finally go out, we went thrifting in antique shops. I bought two cookbooks and Laura got some old records. We explored through little shops all day long looking for interesting finds, later that night we stopped by the Boar's Head for dinner. We also shopped around on Broughton St. this day.
That night we went swimming in the hotel pool. No ghosties for us that night!

Tuesday, we explored the city during the day and about 4:00 we went to our room and begun fixing ourselves up. We got ready for dinner at Garibaldi's, a beautiful restaurant will large indescribable windows and French detailing all throughout the restaurant. The bottom floor is like a dark club like feel and the second story is a light feel. I enjoyed it.
After dinner, we went to one of our two ghost tours for the night. First tour was the Sorrel-Weed house. Now, I had heard some amazing things about this house. Between ghost hunters and my siblings who had went awhile back, I thought I was going to be TERRIFIED. Boy was I wrong. It was in fact, one of the worst tours I had ever been on. We went through two rooms, then to the basement where we took a few pictures, held some EMF detectors that never went off and stood there looking at ourselves on a TV that supposedly shows orbs. I got a CRAZY photo in the basement though. I had several random balls of light in many f my photos, which the guide said were just dust. In one photo, I got a glowing piece of "dust". I said, "Dust glows?" and my guide goes, "It can.." He seemed more interested in watching us all in the TV than looking at the photo I had gotten. This is where it gets pretty crazy. The tour was supposed to only last 1 hour, well it lasted about 2 hours. We had to leave after 1 hour, so when the time comes for us to leave we quietly slip away and out the courtyard to where we came in at and oh my gosh the gate is locked. I look around for another way out and there is a gate and courtyard walls all the way around, Laura fiddled with the lock until it finally popped open, we had 15 minutes to get to our next tour on the other side of town. We RAN all the way there. People must've thought we were going to shoot them. I saw a couple walking their dogs on our side of the sidewalk, they saw us running their way and moved to the other side. Nope, not going to shoot you just some tourist late for a tour! Finally, we got to Johnson Square where we met for our Dead of Night Ghost Tour. It was FABULOUS! Didn't catch any ghosts but it was a small group and they were all pleasant to be around. Especially after they got a couple beers in them. (It is an adult only tour).
Then on our last day, we went to Bonaventure Cemetery, which is seriously the most beautiful place I have ever seen. It has large old oaks covered in moss draped over small dirt paths, the entire place is a work of art. From the sculptures to the scenery, someone knew what they were doing. If you go here, be sure you have either a map or tour guide with you. You can find a map at the big main office at the entrance. Also, LOCK YOUR CARS OR DRIVE THEM AROUND. It's alot of walking but so worth it.
All together I was pleased with this cray fun trip. I would love to do it all over again.

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