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The Ultimate Savannah Guide

Photo Credit: The Peak
Moss covered trees, the breeze whispering through the peaceful squares and architecture to die for! Savannah, Ga. is my favorite Southern city. You can walk down River St. sipping on sweet tea and eating pralines (which are seriously Heaven on Earth). You can enjoy the 22 squares that have something for everyone in the family. From elegant fountains in Forsyth Park to small gardens and fountains in the smaller squares. Savannah has something for every one and is the perfect getaway from reality. I love Savannah because I feel free. I feel like my gypsy soul (The Farmer doesn't approve of the free spirit in me haha!) is at home when roaming and exploring the city. I can sit on a bench in Reynolds Square and watch the people passing by me. I can close my eyes and fall into a historic realm. I personally believe, everyone should experience Savannah at least once in their life. It's the ultimate experience to go to this historic city and to experience the divine cuisine that is offered. You can also walk through the city with your alcohol as long as it is in a to go cup (a clear plastic cup) from a restaurant or bar.

NOTE: Prices may vary, this was just when I was researching the restaurants and things to do at that time. Check with the websites for a current price range. 

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When you come to Savannah you'll want to get settled into you "temporary home" whether it be a rental, a hotel, or even one of the many inns that Savannah has to offer. Whatever you prefer you can find here in Savannah. Some of the hotels I have stayed in are The Westin, The East Bay Inn & The Hampton Inn in the historic district. From personal experience, the westin would be for you if you want luxury. The Westin has a cafe, a restaurant, pool, spa, salon, gift shop and more. It is very beautiful and luxurious. The East Bay Inn is very intimate, has a restaurant in the basement called Skylar's, and they have EXCELLENT staff, and of course The Hampton Inn, it is very classy and if you've stayed at other Hampton's then you've stayed at this one, the only difference is the building which adds a bit of elegance to the hotel. 

But if hotels are not you're thing then check out or download the app. You can look at rentals of the locals in the area and they're much cheaper than a hotel. When I was searching for somewhere for our trip I was seeing apartments with alot of style, upscale condos and even carriage houses set up as homes complete with kitchens, bathrooms, diningrooms etc. You can find any place to accommodate you. 


Although there are many fabulous places to eat at in this beautiful city, my favorites are Huey's, The Boar's Head, and of course B. Matthew's. You can find restaurants on every corner of every street and not to mention the types of food that you can find from Italian, French, English, Vegan, Mexican, even American. I plan on trying out as many restaurants as I can that are on this list and I will be sure to tell you how they are! 

Photo Credit: Where to eat Savannah
RESTAURANT:                                       PRICE:                                   TYPE OF FOOD:
The Coffee Fox Café                                    $2-$7                                           Coffee, Treats
Goose Feather’s Café                                  $4-$8                                    French, Vegan, Organic
Back In the Day Bakery                              $5-$10                                           American
Sentient Bean                                              $5-$10                                  Coffee Shop, Organic
Whistle Stop Café                                        $5-$15                                           American
Kayak Café                                                    $6-$11                                     Mexican, Healthy
The King & I                                                 $7-$15                                             Thai
B. Matthew’s Eatery                                    $7-$30                                         French Bistro
Soda Pop Shoppe                                         UNDER $10                       Sandwiches, American
Foxy Loxy Café                                             UNDER $10                       Coffee, Tea, Desserts
Zunzi’s                                                           UNDER $10                          South African
District Café                                                  $10                                     Coffee, soups, sandwiches
B& D burgers                                                $10-$15                                        American
Funky Brunch Café                                       $11-$30                                        American
Huey’s                                                            $12-$22                                     Cajun, Creole
1790 Restaurant                                          $18-$32                                  American, seafood
Mrs. Wilkes Restaurant                             $20                                                  American
Boar’s Head                                                  $31-$50                                         American
Girabaldi’s                                                     $31-$50                                  Italian, Seafood


There's plenty of things to do in Savannah some are free and some are costly. Here are just a couple of the things in Savannah that will help make some memories. Some of my favorite things to do are walk down River St. sipping on sweet tea from Huey's and going into the candy shops getting praline samples. I also love walking through Forsyth Park after going to the health food store at the end called "A Brighter Day" and getting a sandwich and smoothie. We plan on having a picnic there in the park. 
Photo Credit: Explore Ga

Experience Forsyth Park                                                                           FREE
Walk through the squares and relax                                                          FREE
Cathedral of St. John                                                                                 FREE
City Market (art studios)                                                                However much you buy
River Street                                                                                     However much you buy
Broughton St.                                                                                  However much you buy
Juliette Gordon Low House                                                                      $7.75
Davenport Museum                                                                                    $8
Hearse Tour                                                                                                 $15
Ghost Hauntings of Savannah                                                                  $16
Sorrel-Weed House Ghost Tour                                                               $20
Riverboat Sightseeing Tour                                                                      $24.20
Ghost & Gravestone’s Trolley Tour                                                         $26.00
Olde Town Trolley Tour                                                                            $27.90
Gribble House Paranormal Experience                                                  $31.50

Ghost Tours:

Photo Credit: Ghost in my Suitcase
Laura and I love a good ghost tour. We have been on many ghost tours. The hearse tour, ghosts & Gravestones Tour and many more. Here are a few that we are considering on trying this time. We love a good scare and want something that is completely terrifying. We've heard the same ghost stories so many times that we are just ready for something fresh and a new experience. ALSO, if you don't want to have to travel or walk to your ghost tour then consider the hearse tour which picks you up and drops you off at your hotel. 

Dead of Night Ghost Tour
11 PM, 90 minute tour, meets in Johnson square, $29.95 per person (ADULTS ONLY)
Latest tour in Savannah. Purchase tickets a couple weeks ahead of time (online). You’ll visit Chippewa Square, Johnson Square, Colonial Park Cemetery, and secret cemeteries. 912-660-9539

Beyond good & Evil Tour
10 PM, 90 minutes, meets at colonial Park Cemetery, $29.95 (ADULTS only)
Purchase tickets a couple weeks ahead of time (online or by calling  912-660-9539.) You’ll visit Colonial Park cemetery, Hamilton- Turner Inn, Wright Square, Mercer- Williams House.

Modern Haunting Tour

10 PM, (9:45 check-in) 2 Hours, meets in the center of Chippewa Square, $30 (ADULTS ONLY)
Modern ghost stories from realtors, past and current tenants, caretakers, renovation crews etc. Buy tickets online, You’ll go to Bradley’s Lock & Key, Colonial Cemetery, and learn about Room 204- 1790 Inn.

Uncensored Zombie Tour
10 PM, (9:45 check-in) 2 Hours, meets in center of Chippewa Square, $30 (ADULTS ONLY)
Never the same information  twice because there’s so much information. Buy tickets online, you’ll go to 432 Abercorn and Colonial Park Cemetery.

Other Ghost Tours: 

Hearse Tour                                                                                                              $15
Ghost Hauntings of Savannah                                                                                $16
Sorrel-Weed House Ghost Tour                                                                             $20
Ghost & Gravestone’s Trolley Tour                                                                      $26.00
Gribble House Paranormal Experience                                                                $31.50

Because in every suitcase you have to have a bucketlist of things that you have to get and see in Savannah. Here's a list of things I put together of things to do, see and buy while in Savannah. I plan on doing everything on the list and telling you all about it when I get back home. 
  1.          Get Bug Protected with “Don’t bug me!” soap from Nourish Bath Products.
  2.         Orient yourself by taking a trolley tour.
  3.         Visit the Savannah Bee Company
  4.         Eat traditional Southern Cooking
  5.         Go on a “Haunting trip” and get a photo of a ghost
  6.         Eat ice cream in a square or by the river
  7.         Visit the squares
  8.         Buy something at an antique store
  9.         Leave with a good book
  10.         Stroll down Jones St. voted the most beautiful in America
  11.         Picnic in Forsyth Park
  12.         Go on a ghost tour
  13.         Buy girl scout cookies
  14.         Go to the cathedral
  15.         Eat exotic food
  16.         Listen to music in one of the squares or on river ST.
  17.         Drink coffee (hot or iced) and take in the beauty of the city
  18.         Visit Bonaventure Cemetery
  19.         Walk off a lb. or three?
  20.         Take plenty of photos
  21.         Watch the sun set on River St.
  22.         Go to “A brighter day” or “the sentient bean” and get lunch for a picnic
  23.         Eat vegetarian or organic for lunch one day
  24.         Visit at least one museum
  25.         Go on at least one ghost tour

 If you would like for me to try out your business or put your business in this article then please message me or comment here your business name, what it has, price range (optional) and location.  Also, have any good Savannah Experiences with any certain business or restaurant? Tell me all about it in the comments. Thanks!

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