Wednesday, August 19, 2015

I survived..

I must be sick.

I have to be.

Why else would I seriously be cleaning out my closet and organizing?

Somewhere deep in my body there was motivation today. Don't ask where it came from because my answer is about as good as yours. I was so motivated to clean today that I started at 11:00 and with no breaks at all, and cleaned until 4:38. Well, while cleaning my closet I saw my Christmas storage, so of course I just HAD to organize my Christmas decorations. Inside one box I found my old diary...

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A good book and a recipe

Photo Credit: Screen Doors and Sweet Tea
After working all day Monday and all day Tuesday it is time for me to stick my nose in a good book and what better book than a old fashioned Southern cookbook? So today my little nose is stuck in "Screen Doors and Sweet Tea". Paula Deen even said, "This is one cookbook I would proudly have in my kitchen! It has great information and wonderful recipes!" I first saw it in a small bookstore in the lovely city of Savannah it was about $30 and I debated on whether I wanted to spend that much on a cookbook for almost fifteen minutes. I stood staring at the cover, drooling over the photos thinking about what The Farmer would say if I could somehow create some of these beautiful works of art. I would gain so many brownie points! I grabbed it off the shelf thinking of how I could use this cookbook for the rest of my life. Has it been worth it? Yes! This cookbook has saved my city girl turned farm wife butt more than you'll ever know.

Monday, August 10, 2015

The Sculptures of Bonaventure

Photo Credit: Laura & I
When I recently went to Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah, Ga. I just wanted to take photos of the trees and maybe a few neat things. Well, when we drove through the old rusted gates I saw an ocean of beautiful statues, sculptures and creativity in a graveyard. How could this much beauty really be in a graveyard? You see, the cemeteries back home are littered in simple tiny gravestones and a few flowers but Bonaventure is covered in artwork. I began by taking a photo of one small sculpture and ended up taking photos of every statue I passed by. Here is a bit of my photos.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

What do a beat up puppy, a homeless man and I have in common?

I haven't written in a little while since I have been sick, a virus is nothing to joke with. I feel like I still may have a touch of it but I'm trying my best to rest up. Anyway, tomorrow is my last class till Spring Semester at the college. Am I just going to relax during this time? Ha! Yeah right. Real estate courses are up next. I'm going to attempt to make my way into the real estate world and my goal is to be bringing home a good amount of money between that, fruit stand, and online work. Who knows, maybe it'll be a success.

Today in Sunday school we had a story about a little dog who had been beaten, kicked and run through the dirt so much that he was left a stringy haired little dog with one eye and gashes all over his body, pitifully ugly was an understatement. Then this couple came into the humane society and adopted him. After some love and care he became a precious little puppy. 
What was my first thought?