Monday, August 10, 2015

The Sculptures of Bonaventure

Photo Credit: Laura & I
When I recently went to Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah, Ga. I just wanted to take photos of the trees and maybe a few neat things. Well, when we drove through the old rusted gates I saw an ocean of beautiful statues, sculptures and creativity in a graveyard. How could this much beauty really be in a graveyard? You see, the cemeteries back home are littered in simple tiny gravestones and a few flowers but Bonaventure is covered in artwork. I began by taking a photo of one small sculpture and ended up taking photos of every statue I passed by. Here is a bit of my photos.

When we arrived, we wanted to go by the gravesite of "Little Gracie", she was a little girl who died of I think it was Yellow Fever. They had to put a gate around her stone because so many people wanted to touch her, I noticed while looking at many of the statues that many were missing fingers from people who wanted a souvenir. It makes me sick to my stomach thinking of how people would do that.
Anyway, I started exploring around and a little further down from Gracie's final resting spot I noticed a small pink bunny rabbit thing. I made my way over to it carefully and it was a small grave, most likely a tiny tiny baby. It had a few small flowers on it and no words, names, dates or anything on the tiny stone marker. It made me sad to think that at some point in time some woman was burying her child right at that very spot I stood. It's a feeling no woman should ever have. As I continued through the cemetery I noticed something, many had rocks and  money on top. If you left money, that meant you were close or knew them. Something to do with military, if you left rocks on top that was just a way of saying you had been there and were paying your respects. Flowers will die, rocks won't.
We drove through the large cemetery, Laura and I trying to out-do each other when it came to getting a good photo of statues. The entire place has millions and they're all so unique.


  1. Definitely going to have to go back soon and explore some more!

    1. Definitely! Next time we should go in the early morning and spend the entire day exploring the different sections.