Sunday, August 2, 2015

What do a beat up puppy, a homeless man and I have in common?

I haven't written in a little while since I have been sick, a virus is nothing to joke with. I feel like I still may have a touch of it but I'm trying my best to rest up. Anyway, tomorrow is my last class till Spring Semester at the college. Am I just going to relax during this time? Ha! Yeah right. Real estate courses are up next. I'm going to attempt to make my way into the real estate world and my goal is to be bringing home a good amount of money between that, fruit stand, and online work. Who knows, maybe it'll be a success.

Today in Sunday school we had a story about a little dog who had been beaten, kicked and run through the dirt so much that he was left a stringy haired little dog with one eye and gashes all over his body, pitifully ugly was an understatement. Then this couple came into the humane society and adopted him. After some love and care he became a precious little puppy. 
What was my first thought?
Awhile back in the town I go to college in, an insurance salesman (I think that's what he was) saw a homeless man every morning at the gas station, well he began talking to him one day and ended up helping him get a job at the office, he was taken to get new clothes and a haircut and the news station said he's been at work early every day since he started. 

The message behind the story was that all christians have been in that place of the puppy but when God brings us in he takes care of us to make us better than we once were. Of course we may run into some trouble or go down the wrong path but God will always lead us back on the road we should be on. 

Before I became a christian, I was a mess. I was headed down the wrong road at full speed and the only thing that slowed me down was going through a nasty break-up and just happening to be in the right place at the right time. God will take care of any of us if we will allow him to take control. 

The other day at the fruit stand we got a call, the farmer's cows had been let out of the pasture. He was so stressed and worried. The farm help rounded up as many as he could find but said there were only ten in there. His mother and I told him the entire way home to stop worrying and just pray. I don't know if he did, but I did. When we got home, all of our cows were in the pen. God is good all the time. 

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