Saturday, September 19, 2015

And God made a Farmer

I have such a story for y'all. I haven't written in a little bit. It's been a crazy week! On Tuesday I began real estate classes. Wednesday I spent the entire day riding the tractor with the Farmer and studying. Then Thursday I went back to the real estate class. It's three hours long so I am in there a little while, every hour on the hour we get a break. Well, our teacher had to go print out our test and she told us it would take about 20 minutes. I grabbed up my purse, took out my phone and headed to the bathroom. I pressed a button on my phone and my screen lit up. I had at least two missed calls and about four missed texts. All I had to read was "ER" before my heart dropped.

I read the text from The Farmer's mom, it said that he had been hit in the head by the peanut trailer door, he had it propped up by a wood beam and a cow came by and hit it, the door slammed down on his head and his friend's arm, they were on the way to the emergency room and they said he had been knocked unconscious by it but had came to and was talking at the moment. He told them to tell me to stay in class, do you think that actually happened though?

After reading it about three times I called her and asked where they were and if he was okay and I told her I would finish my test then go. But when I walked back in the class I sat staring at my book till I told my mom I had to go. I grabbed up my things then quickly headed out of the room. I turned on my flashers and sped through town going as fast as I could while still being careful through red lights and traffic.

How on earth could I possibly take a test when he was in the emergency room? I drove straight to the hospital and ran into the ER, I walked into the crowded waiting room, he sat there with his head leaning back against a wall, he leaned his head up and looked at me. He looked awful. I made my way over to him and sat near him. He and his help were covered in peanut dust. He looked out of it just kind of looking around, not saying a word. The help was holding his swollen arm. It looked broken so they took him on back.
I sat with the Farmer for hours. They finally got him back for a CT scan. The Farmer, his mom, stepdad and I all sat in the emergency room waiting to see what was going to happen. One of the ER nurses came in and said he had a concussion and whiplash. I was so glad it was just that. We walked out of the hospital and to my car. On the way home I told him that I couldn't have even began to imagine my life without him. He told me that he kept praying to God saying He wanted to go to Heaven but not tonight. He kept telling God that he couldn't leave me here alone. That means the world to me.
We got home and I doctored him up till late with medicine and hot towels around his neck. The next morning, although he was so sore, he went to digging up peanuts. I shadowed him all day just to make sure everything seemed to be normal. I didn't want him to be alone for at least a day after all that happened. I am just so thankful that God let him live through that, because I know it could've been so much worse than what it was. I can't thank God enough for what he did the other day.

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