Monday, September 28, 2015

Household uses for honey

Photo By: Mother Earth Living
It's been called, "Liquid Gold". To many people who use it on a daily basis it is just that. Honey can save you a ton of money and a ton of doctor's visits. It's good for everything from healing all the way to making your skin look better. I like it best all natural and pure. Basically straight from the beekeeper. When some people ask me how I use my honey, this is what I tell them:

  1. To sweeten coffee and tea. It takes a good bit for me to get it to my desired sweetness because I like my coffee girly and my tea sweet but it is much healthier than putting 2 1/2 cups of sugar in your beverages. 
  2. Healing wounds. Clean your wound then put a little honey on top of it just before you place a bandage on it. Leave the honey on there. 
  3. Calming an upset tummy. Add some honey to you drink then let it do it's thing. 
  4. Soothing a sore throat. My mom got me started on this when I was little, she would mix a little apple cider vinegar and honey in a big glass of water, it was enough to where I could taste mainly honey but I could still taste the vinegar. Then drink it up!
  5. Killing the cough. When you have a bad cough, take a spoonful of honey to soothe your throat and to keep the cough at bay.
  6. It will also help you sleep, Get a spoonful of it before bed to help you get to sleep and STAY asleep. 
  7. Take it for hangover. Keep the pills in their bottles and just spread some honey on your toast, the fructose in the honey will speed up the alcohol's effects on your body.
  8. Facial scrub! Mix honey with some lemon juice and ground almonds, smooth it over your face and exfoliate. Then rinse it off with a rag, BAM! Beautiful glowing fresh skin! 
  9. Use it in the bath for a sweet smelling haven. 
  10. Use honey for losing weight! When you're replacing sugar with honey, you're one step closer to losing a little extra weight. 
  11. Help relieve acne. Place some honey on the pimple, then cover it with a band-aid. Take it off 30 minutes later and it should look alot better.
Whatever way you use it, honey is a great way to become more healthy. Tell me how you do your honey, honey. ;) 

ALSO, Honey is sold at our fruit stands at the Tifton location right now. Check out our farm's website for locations and to see what's sold there:

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