Monday, September 14, 2015

Southern traditions we need to pass on

I'm a "mother" to a one year old puppy named Bella "Bells". I don't plan on having actual children until a year or two from now. I'm in no hurry though, I want to finish an education and have a decent income coming in before I have children. But  once I do have them, I plan on raising them to be the most classic Southern children the world has ever seen. 
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I want my children to have good taste but also have good manners and good hearts. I want my children to be educated by time they turn twenty. I want them to have good work ethics and know how the farm and home is run. I want my son(s) to know how to run a farm, care for animals and how to provide for a family. I want them to be like the Farmer. My daughter(s) on the other hand, I want them to be educated, I want them to be able to sew, cook, clean and take care of a man. But I also want them to know how to put a man in his place if he ever oversteps his boundaries. I want my girls to also know how the farm is ran so they'll be able to be back-up for their brothers. I'm going to teach them how to make the house look like a million bucks for just a couple bucks and I will make sure a touch of Classy Southern blood is passed on to all of my children. 
I personally think we should all instill a touch of classic southern-ness in our kids. But what should we be teaching them? Here's a list of things we should teach our little ones to be confident that once they're not around us they'll be a good representative of our families and morals.
  1. How to set a table the CORRECT way. I taught children back in high school, I taught them how to set a table a correct way, complete with glasses, plates, salad plates, and even... yes, I am about to say it... CLOTH NAPKINS. Don't invite over guests and give them paper napkins like you're at a barbecue. 
  2. Write "Thank-You" notes. It shows that you're truly thankful for whatever you got. Whether someone came to a party you had or bought you a gift. Don't just thank them through text. Write them a thank you note. 
  3. Say Sir and ma'am. I've always had trouble remembering this. But when it comes to talking with authority or your boss it is a good thing to know. This is the thing I will teach my children from the time they're very young. 
  4. Sitting on the porch and rocking in the chair or reading. This is one of those things that none of us need to forget. It's one of those things that will remind you that you don't always have to be busy or working.
  5. Slow cooking all day long.The best things don't happen fast, same goes for food. Get your slow cooker ready and throw something good in there for supper. 
  6. Setting out snacks and sweet tea for guests. Hospitality is just a "thing" in the South. Don't let yourself forget that when you have guests you need to treat them wonderfully so they'll feel welcomed and at ease.
  7. Canning. Canning can save your butt when you're running low on money or whenever you're needing food in a different season. You're able to can just about anything and it'll also save you a pile of money.
  8. Quilting. Quilting is just one of those things. I've always looked for a nice old fashioned quilt that I could afford, never have found one. I decided that one year I was going to hand sew a quilt for my family. It may take years but it would be done with hard work and labor. 
  9. Gardening. Gardening is something that I have taught myself, with the Farmer's help of course. I just began a garden this year and it produced two mini cucumbers, but I had done it without fertilizer at all, so next year I know I can't go without it.
  10. Crocheting. Crocheting is just neat. I know one girl who can crochet clothes, booties, hats etc. and she makes a killing off of the money she gets for it. This could also be a source of a small income for many wives who stay at home.
  11. and last but by far, not the least, the one thing that was instilled in me when I was very young...PEARLS GO WITH ANY OUTFIT. 

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