Wednesday, October 21, 2015

50 things about me

One of my favorite bloggers did this when she began her blog. It's fifty facts about me, well, question is, can I come up with fifty things about me?

  1. I love dogs. 
  2. My middle name is Rose. I'm named after one of my great great grandmothers. 
  3. If I could do whatever I wanted with my life, I'd travel all the time. 
  4. My dog, Bella, is the result of a nasty break-up. Yes, I bought a dog. 
  5. My favorite store to shop in is TJ Maxx. 
  6. I love Jesus.
  7. I hate praying in front of people. 
  8. I keep journals. 
  9. I love sushi & other Japanese & Chinese foods.
  10. I wanted to be a naturopathic doctor at one time, & still secretly do. 
  11. I searched for naturopathic & holistic schools everywhere and the closest I could find was Boston & Nevada. 
  12. I sleep with a fan every night, whether it's 97 degrees or 20 degrees. It's on. 
  13. I secretly love to cook, I'm like obsessed with old southern cookbooks and recipes. 
  14. I tell everyone I don't know how to cook so they won't make me cook. I have to want to do it. 
  15. I've traveled all over the east coast. 
  16. If I could, I'd wear my elephant pants all day everyday.
  17. I love bubble baths. Especially if they're candle lit. 
  18. My hair is naturally curly and it has a mind of it's own. Sometimes it's cute and those times, I take plenty of selfies. 
  19. I hate wearing make-up. Not because I'm gorgeous without it, or because of the animals but because I am just too lazy to put it on. 
  20. I love yoga, I just rarely do it.
  21. I used to paint ALL THE TIME.
  22. I love owls.
  23. My best recipe is my pickle recipe. 
  24. I love to garden. 
  25. I burn incense, ALOT. My favorite scents are eucalyptus, lavender, and coconut. 
  26. I look up bible verses before bed and get some encouragement.
  27. I love love LOVE Netflix.
  28. I love to read.
  29. I love watching documentaries. 
  30. My favorite jewelry is my pearl earrings, I don't care if I get pure diamond earrings, I will still wear my pearls. 
  31. I hate coke. I'm a mountain dew and sweet tea kind of girl. 
  32. I love sleeping in on the weekends.
  33. I saved up for a month to buy combat boots.
  34. I love wearing TOMS during the Summer. 
  35. I love wearing my matching fox pajamas. 
  36. I have a box in my room that I keep all my sentimental items in. 
  37. I keep my paintbrushes in my owl mug. 
  38. I'm allergic to chicken. 
  39. I keep a gardening journal to keep track of what's planted, where it is and if & when it dies. 
  40. My cookbook is filled with photos, letters, recipes, and cards. 
  41. When I have kids I'm passing down my cookbook, bible & journals to them. 
  42. I have pumpkin spice scented air freshener. 
  43. I wear scarves alot! 
  44. I love pet stores! 
  45. My bed is elevated, I have a box spring and a thick mattress and they're both high off the ground. 
  46. I can only sleep well on my bed. 
  47. I have so many high heels and I don't even wear them.
  48. I love My Farmer. 
  49. I love being on the farm in our sleepy little county. 
  50. Finding 50 facts is hard. LOL
Now it's your turn, If you have a blog or even a Facebook, make a list of 50 facts of you and see how hard it is. 


  1. Great post, Adrian! I accept your challenge, but it will probably take me a bit to complete it. I am loving your posts - keep up the great work!

    1. Good luck! I started looking around my room for ideas half way through. haha! But thank you for reading! :)