Saturday, October 24, 2015

My Garden Tour

While I sat at my bistro table today I looked out over my teeny tiny garden, Yeah, that's it right there behind the pumpkin. My itsy bitsy garden. A few weeks ago, I threw some pumpkin seeds into my garden along with some tomato plants and one sunflower plant. The sunflower plant was almost dead (practically dead now). My tomato plants are doing pretty decent and my pumpkins are actually, surprisingly doing well. So, here we go.

Of course I have to have my cilantro. The first of my herb garden. Cilantro is used mainly in cooking at my house. It has an almost Italian taste or maybe Mediterranean? It smells amazing though! Some different uses include: 
  1. Chopping up your cilantro and mixing it in with sour cream. (Which is also good on chili and other soups)
  2. Mix it with cream cheese to give your morning bagels a boost! 
  3. Spice up your pasta salads.
  4. Make you some "Green Sauce". 

Cilantro Infused "Green Sauce":
What you'll need:
2 fresh garlic cloves
1/4 cup water
1 jalapeno pepper. More can be added is desired.
1/2 teaspoon cumin
1 teaspoon oregano
1/2 cup cilantro leaves
4 tablespoons olive oil
2 tablespoons wine vinegar
Salt to taste

All you need to do is toss all your ingredients into a blender or food processor until it's smooth. You can add salt to taste or additional garlic or pepper to get to the desired flavor you want as well. You can serve it at room temperature, or use it to marinate and spice up your meat. 

Here's one of my tomato plants that I have in my pots. I got all of my tomato plants from my mom's co-workers. He had extra after he used his and so it left me with a few. 

Here's my best sunflower. 

It's looking like it'll start showing the actual flower soon!

Here's a few of my pumpkin plants and my tomato plants in the background. 

I just can not believe they're actually growing. I didn't expect that. But here I am with about four (one not shown) pumpkin plants and I am expecting frost pretty soon. "eh-oh.." I guess I will just see what happens!  

Every garden has to have some little trinkets right? Here's my frog, my bird and a random rock.

My tomato plants actually look pretty good! 

Too bad my other sunflower doesn't. 

All four of my pumpkin plants, I am just so proud of these! 

...and my wind-chimes. I love wind-chimes. My grandma had her entire back porch filled with them so everytime I hear them it's like taking me back in time to when I was little at my grandma's house.  

I laughed when I saw my sweet fur-child watching me from inside the french doors. Look at that sweet baby!

and you know I have to show my incense. I went to an old thrift shop one day and saw this pot. I laughed at how the colors were but I thought, "Someone put some creative effort into this pot." So I bought it for a couple bucks and brought it home. It was used for my plants but now it's used for my incense when I am outside. I love smelling my incense and my sandalwood is too strong to be burnt inside so I keep it outside. 

So there's my little itsy bitsy garden tour. What do y'all have in your gardens? I know mine isn't "Fall ready" but I'm just experimenting with what I have for now. So in the comments let me know what you're growing! 


  1. Summer garden is gone an don't plan on fall garden. Do have new flower bed with daylillys, amarrillas and some petunias. Maybe next spring they will be pretty. Your garden even tho you think it's small will produce plenty. Love your articles, keep posting.

    1. I wish I had started earlier on my fall garden, I tried but everything died. Those storms a couple weeks ago did me no justice. At our new house here on the farm we had a much larger garden than this one! It was beautiful! We had new tomatoes popping up every day! I'll have better luck next Spring and this time I am going to get serious about canning! Thank you for reading! It's comments like yours that keep me going!