Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Silence is Golden

I'm laying in bed and it's only 7:04. It's totally silent in my house except for the occasional sleepy sigh of Bella and the typing of my computer keys. I should be studying real estate but I have had such a long day. So here I am, in bed, being lazy for the first time this week.
Bella is trying to sniff the pumpkin spice candle on my nightstand. I pull her away and say, "No. It bites." I wish you could see her staring at the tiny flame. She seems to be concentrating so hard. I think she may just be tired.
 Anyway, I have nothing much to talk about right now. Just about the silence and how nice it is at the moment. I can hear the sizzle of the candle wick it's so quiet. I love it! I just wish the farmer were here.

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