Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The dream house

In my drafting class about a year ago, my instructor sat me down and told me to design my dream home. I looked at him for a minute with a weird look on my face. "I don't know what I want my dream house to be like." He told me to look online for ideas and then create it. The first thing I did was go on Pinterest and I started going through the home section and pinning everything that caught my eye to a board I named, "Dream House". After about 2 hours I had developed a sense of my "style". I love country cottages that will make you dream about a vacation down South. This home (pictured) was the one house that I kept coming back to. It is called the Cloudland Cottage Plan. The Plan number is: Plan SL-1894 ad it's from Southern Living. I fell in love with the layout but there are a few things that I saw missing that I would absolutely need.

Okay, first, let me say this. I love this house. The outside, the inside, this house just screams, "Love me & dress me up every holiday!" But first I would create a closet for that bedroom, which, I am going to assume is the master bedroom. I would also use sliding barn doors to section off the living-room from everything else.

We'd also have to add a laundry room, preferably not at the kitchen but possibly take away from the back porch where that bedroom wall is. But we'd put the washer and dryer on the opposite side of the wall so it wouldn't be too noisy if I had to dry some clothes around bedtime. I'd also put enough kitchen space so that I could have an island or small bistro set in the kitchen and some extra pantry space. Everything else on this floor looks fine to me.
Then there is the second story of the home which is perfect for kids or guests. When you first walk up the stairs I'd have built in bunk beds on each side of the wall for guests to sleep on. That'd be 4 twin beds for guests! Then maybe a day bed or twin bed in "bedroom 2" which would be where my kids slept. We would only need one closet there so the kids could have more room. They also have a bathroom up there so no running up and down the stairs after a certain time.
I love simple homes and this is perfect for me but if you truly know me, then you know I like "stuff". I have random "junk" spread across my house now. I think a smaller home like this would be a perfect opportunity to downsize but I would have a shed out back for all the furniture and things that I couldn't fit in the house. It'd be sort of a "she-shed".
What do you think of this house? Write your thoughts in the comments below.

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