Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Two sides and two blogs

The Farmer & I have this joke that he's dating two different girls. One is a mothering housewife type who loves to cook, clean and take care of her Farmer. She loves to garden and is a hardworker. She dresses professionally for work and vintage grandmother style.
The other one, is a free-spirited gypsy who's only wish in life is to see things and go places on a whim. She loves to wake-up and just say, "Let's go somewhere!" She loves wearing loose pants and doesn't care too much about anything.
So, you can see how we would joke right?
On my blog I have two links to my two favorite blogs. One is the aspiring homemaker and the other is the Nesting Gypsy.

I stumbled onto The Aspiring Homemaker one day when I was on Pinterest looking at photos, I fell in love with her photography then I went to check out her blog. By time I found it, she had already quit blogging but I spent days reading all her posts. At first I didn't think it'd be much since it's just a basic blogger account, but it is so much more once you get into it. She dresses in beautiful vintage clothing and dresses. She gardens, cooks, sews and alot more. Her blog is like stepping into a world where the past is new. It's such a wonderful blog.

The other, Nesting Gypsy, well I'm not too sure how I stumbled onto it. I guess just fate. Anyway, after being inspired, I started writing outside by my incense burning. Exactly how she does in one of her posts. I actually spoke with her and we had a conversation about our favorite types of incense to burn. She just "understands" me. (I don't burn incense for religious reasons or anything like that. I like the smell and I love to watch the smoke twirling around. It also relaxes me.) She has such a free-spirit! I don't think she's posted in awhile but it's pretty interesting to go read her posts.

So, go check out those two amazing blogs and I hope you enjoy!

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