Sunday, November 22, 2015

A taste bud journey for all pepper fans!

I know I said I may be AWOL due to studying for my real estate exam but I just couldn't stay away from my blog..  With that said, I had to take a short break to brag on this pepper jelly I just had! We all know that you just can't study or focus on studying unless you have a good snack by your side.


Well, a few weeks ago we went to Calico Arts & Crafts in Moultrie. While we were there we tried a free sample of some pepper jelly and cream cheese on a cracker. I started to walk off with my sample but how could I go home without some of this delicious creation? Here's what you should know about it:
It's called Grumps Pepper Jelly. It is seriously a taste bud journey! We have the regular pepper jelly, on his website it is called "Mildly Irritated". It is just hot enough to make your taste buds tingle but not hot enough to panic and run to the sink to wash your mouth out. 
Okay, maybe that's a bit exaggerated. Ha! 

As you can see, I took some Ritz Crackers, cream cheese and dropped a small amount of jelly on top of the cream cheese on top. The cream cheese keeps the fire down to a minimum and the jelly keeps its AMAZING flavor! It's the perfect combination. 

But, no joke, this pepper jelly is just like your grandma used to make when you were little! You know what I'm talking about. Go check out his website and order some, I rate it a 10 on a scale of 1-10. 

What do y'all think of pepper jellies? Yay or Nay?

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