Saturday, November 7, 2015

A Whole Lotta' Southern-isms

When I was in about eleventh grade some kid moved to my school from somewhere off further away. Sometime within his first few weeks at school he said something very depressing and sad, (I can't remember what it was) but I went, "Bless Your Heart." He turned and gave me the dirtiest look then told me to "ahem. vulgar word that I won't repeat on here off". I about flew out of my chair, but before I could all the girls I hung out with were on his back before I could even comeback with something. Later, I asked him why he said that to me, apparently he thought 'Bless Your Heart' was the biggest insult. Made me think, "The new people that come down South, what are they told before they get here?" Are they told that we are all crazy backwoods bullies with a secret insulting language? Here's a list of some "Southern-isms" that I was raised on!

  1. Bless Your Heart: This can be used a few ways. When someone does something or says something you don't agree with, you can go "Bless your heart" (I've always pronounced it 'Blesh Yer Heart.') or when someone is hurt you can say "Bless their heart." It really depends on the context you're using it and how you say it if it is meant to be an insult or caring. 
  2. Y'all: One person is "you", any number of people over one is "y'all"= You all. 
  3. Hold Your Horses: pronounced, "Hold Yer Horses" means to sit down and chill out for a little bit. 
  4. Lord have Mercy: This is usually used as a mother slaves away over the oven and is rolling her eyes as her children argue over who gets the last piece of fried chicken. 
  5. Madder than a wet hen: Have you ever seen a wet hen? They go wild. Enough Said.
  6. Lord willing and the creek don't rise: I've heard this one mainly in church, it basically means i'll be back if God wants me back but i'll try my best to get here. 
  7. Running around like a chicken with it's head cut off: You've been busy and haven't had a moment to rest.
  8. Sight for the sore eyes: Go fix yourself up, you're a mess.
  9. Plumb Tuckered Out: Totally and undeniably exhausted. 
  10. Don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya: Don't let that door hit you in the back.
  11. Doohickey: Someone or something you don't remember the name for.
  12. Spit in one hand and want in the other, see which fills faster: You ain't getting it. 
  13. You're as cute as a button: Usually said to small children or babies. 
  14. Britches: Pants
  15. Getting too big for your britches huh?: You're ego is getting a bit big.
Have anything to add? There is a whole Southern dictionary! Want to hear more? Check out these Southern dictionaries below! 


  1. Being from the south, this makes me laugh! Ya'll is commonly used! Here is a few more "yonder" "rode hard and put up wet (referring to a horse)" "Ain't"

    In the south, we have our own dialect. My oldest boy sounds so "country" its not even funny! <3

    1. Hey Dicia! :D Oh yes! Ain't is one of the more used words in my vocabulary. I often catch myself using "y'all" when I'm typing on here and even when I'm writing notes.

      My Farmer has a thick Southern accent and goodness! When I first heard his voice there was no doubt in my mind that he was the most Southern sounding man I had ever heard!