Monday, November 2, 2015

Getting a Farmhouse Kitchen

Photo Credit: Being Tazim
I was born in the wrong year, I was supposed to be a 1930's- 1950's farm wife. I was just a little late..
Anyway, whenever the Farmer and I get our home, my kitchen is going to be all vintage farmhouse. I don't care if he has me living in a box, it will be vintage farmhouse.
I love kitchens and I will probably spend most of my time there whether I am cooking or not. But when I do get it, I want it to have that vintage feel. I want it to feel like a step back in time.
I'll show you how to get a vintage kitchen feel and even give you some links to products to buy to make your kitchen truly come to life! Enjoy and be sure to show me pics of your farmhouses!

There's something magical about an old farmhouse, to me, old farmhouses remind me of a trip to grandma's house. There's something mystical about it. Because ya know, everything mystical happens in old homes that belong to grandmother's.
By now you're probably curious as to what you can do to get the old farmhouse kitchen look, right? Well here's how:
  1. Display your plates and cups with open storage. Whether you choose to have open shelving or cabinets with glass on the front. Show off your plates! This is even better if you have those beautiful vintage plates like the classic, elegant jadeite plates! Another option is using a separate cupboard with open shelving or glass doors. It was actually very popular "back in the day" to have some separate storage in the kitchen besides the basic cabinets. 
  2. Use bright "happy" colors. Reds, yellows and whites are the classical farm house colors. You could combine these colors in any way, but my favorite way is to have light yellow walls, white cabinets and trim, and red accessories. 
  3. Don't worry about having distressed items. In fact, distressed items make farmhouses what they are. They add a lightly worn and lived in look. But don't take it overboard and tear something completely to pieces and then expect your kitchen to look like a magazine photo. 
  4. Have some old jars. The old blue tinted jars are my favorites, but you can get any jar. I like to store things in them like utensils, candies, jams, jellies, pickled foods, and other items. 
  5. Old southern cookbooks. Okay, so they don't HAVE to be Southern but we all know a little southern charm is always a good thing, You can get them and stack them or prop them up on the cabinets somewhere. You can even put them on display in your open shelving. I personally like to stack all my cookbooks and then place vases of flowers on top. You could also place candles or even a lamp on top of the books. 
  6. Use alot of florals! Florals are the backbone of country kitchens. They add that vintage flair and look fabulous in the process. 
  7. Farmhouse sinks a.k.a. apron sinks are another "backbone" of the country kitchens. Apron sinks are easy to install and come in a variety of styles. I have seen them range anywhere from $300-$3,000. When the Farmer and I get our home a farmhouse sink is the first item on my list of things to buy (that is, once everything is remodeled and fixed and we are settling in.) 
  8. Small accessories. There's plenty of small accessories to have that will bring your farmhouse kitchen to life. Chicken wire baskets for eggs, tea towels, and other small touches will give your kitchen that last elegant touches. Look below at the links to see some of the small touches I am talking about. 

Do you have a farmhouse kitchen? Tell me what you would add to this post in the comments below! 

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