Tuesday, November 17, 2015

That Cotton Pickin' Boy!

Sundays are usually spent at church and then eating with family or church friends. But once in awhile the work must go on, although I would rather relax on Sundays. The Farmer & I got in the truck and started the long drive to the the farm up in Rebecca. On the way we rode with the windows down through the small country towns, people passing by us trying to get to church on time. We sat there chit chatting the whole way about our plans and what we were going to do for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I kept my eyes on the window the whole ride occasionally looking around at him to smile. Then we finally got there...
We drove up to this enormous piece of equipment, if you've never seen a cotton picker up close and in real life then you'd be in my shoes when we drove up. I got out and stared up at this 'mean, green, cotton pickin' machine'. It was a bit intimidating and I'm pretty glad y'all didn't have to see me getting up and down from it. THAT was embarrassing! (Heights have always made me uncomfortable, anything higher than my bed and open makes me nervous.)
ANYWAY!! I finally got up there and we got to moving, I have to say, picking cotton is so relaxing. I sat down on the outside of the cab on the walkway and held onto the railing, probably not too safe but I'm a pretty daring girl, so what the heck? The wind was blowing in one direction all day so one lap around the field I had the bark from the cotton stalks flying all over me and the next lap I would be fine. We had to stop a few times to get a few things fixed, well, when I say "we", I do mean "him".  But I did supervise of course!
It was a beautiful day for picking though! The sky was a bright blue, the cotton was fluffed out and the wind was blowing cold air instead of the usual hot air. I didn't sweat one bit! (Which is a total luxury down here, anything under 80 degrees is pure mercy from God.) I rode till about 6:00 when my fingers felt like they'd fall off. After awhile, The Farmer decided to head on home, we went to Sonic on the way home or some dinner. We sat there in the drive in talking about how we didn't want to drive home and how we wish we had a house already so it could be so much easier to just go home after a day like that. I was kind of wishing I could just go to a house and wash my hair out a little, I looked a mess with a full layer of bark in my hair. After eating we rode on home and I swear I have never felt so content in my life. I don't know if it was all the praying I did on the picker all day, if it was being with the Farmer or if it was just me not thinking about getting up for another week of 9-5. I don't know, but it was a good weekend. 

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