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Christmas Gifts for Farmwives/ Farm Girls

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Christmas is the only time of year that I'm clueless when people ask what I want. People used to ask what I wanted and I'd stare at them with this blank stare then go, "Check back with me in about 2 weeks.." Now that I'm getting older I'm starting to think that maybe I should've asked for stuff like a crock pot and cookbooks and furniture when I was growing up! Haha! Wouldn't that make people wonder? But anyway, I got a gift card last night and I literally sat there for an hour thinking of how I'd spend my money. I could buy that adorable crock pot I want, I could buy a boatload of clothes, a pile of books, some stuff that I could make and sell or whatever else I wanted. This was MY money for ME to buy whatever I wanted. SO what did I buy? A bible and a cookbook. Then, it was all gone.
So, why a bible and a cookbook? Why not something that could make me more money? Or why not that crock pot so I could have my dinner ready when I got home from work? Here's why..

A few weeks back I was on Pinterest and I saw these bibles where people would basically draw all over them and make them beautiful and they'd write their favorite verses in the margins. It's called bible journaling and I fell in love with it. I know some people frown on drawing or writing in your bible but I feel like that's what will make your bible yours. I would love to get my hands on a bible that an artist had before me just to see how their soul felt reading through the pages. Anyway, I got that and then I bought a cookbook from Thriftbooks.

Thriftbooks is my favorite site to order books from. (I buy my cookbooks from there..) Almost every book is under $5.00 and you can choose to get one in new condition all the way to poor condition. I've found that the ones in poor condition are the ones with the notes and thoughts, opinions and experiment stains. Those are my favorites!

Anyway, I know I can't be the only one who needs some help getting together a Christmas list so here are some items that every farm wife/girlfriend may need or want at some point in time.:

  1. A crock pot. They're the one thing that will save a good wife's butt if she has a busy schedule or even if she doesn't feel like spending hours in the kitchen. Farmer needs help in the fields? Get the crock pot to going and come back later for supper!
  2. An apron. Sometimes you just don't have time to change into your old clothes before you must bake a cake or start on a meal for the kids or hubby so an apron is a serious need! 
  3. Vintage cookbooks. Like I said, cook books are a part of every good kitchen. I have my special Southern cookbook that is piled with several different recipes. 
  4. A bible. Everyone needs something to cling to during a hard year or during a rough patch on the farm so why not bring your family together to cling to the one man who can help you get out of your problem? 
  5. Pocket knife. We all need a pocket knife, whether it's skinning an animal or maybe your kitchen knives can't do the job. Get yourself a pocket knife!
  6. Chapstick. We all need it when the Winter comes through. Out there with the cows and the wind blowing all around can really do a number on your lips. Keep them looking cute with some chapstick!
  7. A pair of rubber boots. I bought mine early on knowing I'd be walking through the fields. I got mine for $16 at Belk. They were just plain polka dot boots so I added a ribbon to make them a little more classy.
That's a few things to get you started when you're shopping for a farm wife/girl or whether you're the girl needing a list to give to someone. Have anything to add? Put it in the comments! 

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