Wednesday, December 2, 2015

FREE Printables!

I officially have made FREE holiday printables! They're simple and to the point, but I can't figure out how to place them on a status or in a post so if you'd like the set of printables message me on Facebook or comment below!.
1- Gift Planner complete with sections for who the gift is for, the price, where to buy it and what the gift is. This will help you to be prepared for what you need to save up or have on you when you go shopping.
1- Shopping list. You can fill this out and go shopping with your classy little shopping list. Fill out your gifts that need buying or food that needs to be bought.
1- I also included 3 recipe cards so you can all write down three of your signature Christmas recipes! Give them to someone asking about your recipe or do like me and hoard them in your cookbook.
Just message me and let me know that you want the "Christmas printables", once I send them to you in PDF format, you can click on them and print them out. It's simple! smile emoticon Have a good day everyone!

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