Sunday, December 13, 2015

Homesteading Dreams

As we speak I am on the phone with "The Farmer", and he is convinced that I am off my rocker.
I think it'd be amazing to "live off the grid". If in the perfect world I didn't have to work a full-time job, this is what my plan would be. I'd stay home all day. I know you'd think it'd make me go crazy but I'd find ways to keep myself busy. Here's how:

  1. I'd wash my clothes by hand and dry on a line. (Yes, I know it sounds crazy. That's where The Farmer told me I was insane.) I'd wash them by hand earlier in the mornings outside with my old vintage apron on. Then I'd spend the mornings hanging them up to dry on an old fashioned line. 
  2. I'd make my own bread. I'd make my own bread, pickles, and other stuff. Why buy at the store when homemade tastes so much better? 
  3. I'd make my own candles,  I love candles but they've gotten SO expensive. $5 for a dern candle? No, thank you. But I would make my own candles, give them scents using essential oils and then sell them.
  4. I'd have my own garden filled with herbs, fruits and vegetables. I'd go out there and when things were ready to be harvested I would can/preserve them and save them for when we really needed some food or were short on cash. 
  5.  I'd sell pecans that fell from pecan trees that we had on the farm.
  6. We'd sew our clothes back together when they started falling apart. (I learned to hand sew in fifth grade.) 
  7. We'd compost and then when it was ready we'd put some on our garden then sell the fertilizer. 
  8. I'd dry herbs and sell them at the market or something. 
  9. I'd replant certain foods to make more to eliminate grocery store trips.
  10. I'd grow my own medicinal herbs and then make my own home remedies for illnesses.
  11. I'd make my own jams, jellies, salsas etc.
That's just a few things I'd do. But you know, I'm crazy right? Haha! Anyway, back to reality where I work from 8:30-5:00 and don't have time for anything but coming home to nap. 

How many of you would do anything for this? How many of you are living like this? Make me jealous! :) 

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