Tuesday, December 15, 2015

How to leave the city and begin in the country

My last post about how I would love to be (in a dream world) a housewife who can afford to quit her job and take care of her farm and family. Since it was so popular & so many people viewed it, I decided to give you a "How-to:" post. As in, "How to leave the city and begin in the country". Continue reading to learn how you can make this transition as smoothly as possible.

So, you wanna leave the city? Join the rest of America! The amount of country land available is getting smaller and smaller and people working in the cities are getting more and more sick of being stuck in traffic and working 9-5 at a cubicle or desk.

  1. Get a plan together. First off, you need a plan. You need to sit down with your family and draw out what responsibilities will be for who, how you will bring in money, what areas of agriculture or crafts you will need to learn about.
  2. Do your research. After you have your plan together you need to research and learn how to do everything. Plan on baking your own bread? Learn how to. Want to milk goats? Find out how much a goat would cost and how to do it.
  3. Budget, Budget, Budget. Price check everything from fences to bottles to feed animals. Once you have a cost estimate for your farm you'll need to begin saving. 
  4. Look for land. Land is scarce but you need to find land that you'll want to stay on forever. Something with maybe enough room for AT LEAST a garden, a small barn or shed, some pasture or roaming area for your animals and room for extras like clotheslines. 
  5. Buy land. It's a bit of an aggravation but in the end, you'll own the land that you want to start a new life on. So that's a good deal, right?
  6. Buy/build a home if it's not already included. If you like log cabins, you can buy a kit and have it put together, buy a mobile home or even build a home. (My choice is to buy a mobile home temporarily then build.) 
  7. Map out your farm. Want chickens? Draw out a chicken coop or chicken run, wherever they'll live and roam. Want a garden? Better think about which of your animals need to stay away from your veggies. Map that out. 
  8. Start the work. Build the chicken coops, put up a fence, plant fruits and veggies, and be prepared. 
  9. Figure out ways to bring in money. You can make candles, make jerky, sew or make clothes, sell your fruits and veggies, sell cows, make soaps, sell milk, etc. (Before doing any of this you may need to check with your state/ county rules & regulations).
  10. Learn & Record. Keep a binder or notebook filled with your notes, trials & errors, experiments, important dates, things you've learned, what's good about the country life and why you'll never leave. 
Now that you're ready to leave the city and go to the farmland let me know what you think could be added to this list! Comment below! :)  

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