Sunday, December 27, 2015

Lady of the Farm 2015 Recap

Within a week, 2015 will be over and we will welcome in 2016. It's been a long and interesting year full of learning about farming and trying hard to become a good farm girlfriend. It's had its ups and its had its downs. In one year, I began my blog, learned how to work at the Farmer's Market, went on a couple of trips, rode the tractor all Summer, did real estate courses, lost my job, started a new job, and fell deeper in love with my Farmer. I have full faith that 2016 will be even better than 2015.
Until then, here's a little recap of 2015:

Top Five Posts from 2015:

  1. Tomato Pie and a Sweet Old Lady: Tomato Pie has been my biggest hit this year. The post and the food! It's a wonderful meal to have during the Summer that will quickly fill the tummies of everyone at your table!
  2. Southern Traditions We Need to Pass On: This was my second most popular post. Every family has traditions to pass on so here's my list of things that I believe should be passed on. From the way you talk to the way you carry yourself, it's all here! 
  3. 5 things you'll learn when you date a Farmer: Many people enjoyed this post. Honestly, I've been with my Farmer for over a year now and I am still learning every single day. Who knows, maybe I should do another post like this. 
  4. Bella & The Pumpkin's Photo Shoot:  Who doesn't love Bells? Who doesn't love pumpkins? Exactly. But when you give Bells a pumpkin and let her run with it you have a cute opportunity for a cute photo shoot. So I took my opportunity.
  5. 5 Farmer & Lady Date Ideas:  Dating a Farmer will teach you that you won't always be able to go to dinner and a movie on Friday Nights. Living down South and dating a Farmer will open some doors that not many people can open like Dirt Road Dates on Friday Nights or even a Peanut Trailer date. 

Excerpts from this year's posts:

"We drove through a part of town I had never been on filled with fields, pastures, orchards and catfish farms. I was drooling over the scenery or maybe it was the bag full of Zaxby's chicken in my lap.. Either way, I was drooling. I talked off the top of my head the entire ride. Telling The Farmer how much fun it'd be to live on a nice old fashioned farm with a big farmhouse and big red barn outside, then I told him about a farm that was just like that in Kentucky. When we finally got to the little town where we had to get the trailer, I was in love." 

"God is good all the time and all the time God is good." I heard this from a lady in class awhile back, I sat there trying to sort out my own problems. "Girl, are you listening to me? I said God is good all the time, even when you going through problems."

"Thursday I went back to the real estate class. It's three hours long so I am in there a little while, every hour on the hour we get a break. Well, our teacher had to go print out our test and she told us it would take about 20 minutes. I grabbed up my purse, took out my phone and headed to the bathroom. I pressed a button on my phone and my screen lit up. I had at least two missed calls and about four missed texts. All I had to read was "ER" before my heart dropped."

My New Year Resolutions:

Heading into a new year is always fun but we all need some goals for the new year, here are a few of mine:
  1. Get closer to God. Read my bible on the daily, pray more, and learn to control my tongue. Sometimes I tend to let my anger take over and I start letting the insults fly.
  2. Get Healthier. I got a vintage beach cruiser bike for Christmas so I am going to find some trails and go riding sometime. 
  3. Learn to cook better. This includes: Learning to fry chicken, make steak, and how to do other good foods that The Farmer approves of. 
  4. Grow closer to my Farmer. No explanation needed at all.
  5. Grow in my garden & eat the foods from it. Whatever isn't eaten is to be canned or given away to family and friends.

What're your new year resolutions? Tell me in the comments below! 

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