Saturday, January 2, 2016

Starting the New Year off with a bang!

On December 31st The Farmer and I were outside on the carport. I sat there with him "waiting to see if there would be any fireworks" even though it was raining. I was in a tank top and it was so cold out, he went to his truck and got out a camouflage shirt I had bought him for Christmas. He threw it to me and said, "Here put this on, it's too cold out here for you to be in a tank top. So I pulled on the shirt. (11:50) 

So, we are sitting at the bistro table set and talking about how cold it is and he turns on our song , "Till My Last Day" by Justin Moore. (11:57)

I get up and sit on his Yeti so I can be closer to him to have our "Midnight Kiss", we are watching my phone for the time and blasting our song while counting down. 3..2..1... *CUE MIDNIGHT KISS* 

We kissed very quickly and I sat there going, "That was quick." 
Then he tells me, "Okay, hop up off the cooler and I'll get you a drink." So I stand up and he opens the cooler and gets out something.. 


I literally can't even describe what I was feeling.. It was like I couldn't feel anything. I had butterflies, I couldn't think straight and I was so excited.

I'm standing here thinking, "That's way smaller than a drink.." Then he gets on one knee and I'm standing there with this shocked and blank look. Then he says, "I love you.. Will you be my wife?"

**Blank Stare** I should probably answer him..

**Smile** Oh yeah! Yes! Yes I will! 

*** I slip the ring out of the box, slide it on my finger and he jumps up and hugs me then he says, 

"Well, try it on and make sure it fits!"
My reply is, "It's already on and it fits perfectly!"
**We kiss again, this time I start laughing and crying. I have tears rolling down my face and I'm laughing so much that I can't even kiss him back.**
Right after he asked, I had to sit down and gawk a few minutes.
After a few minutes of gawking at it we go inside to look closer at it, then we begin telling our families, which could be a whole post by itself! 
Telling my best friend, Laura.
But anyway, Thanks to everyone who said Congrats through text, calls, and Facebook! Now, the fun part.. Let's figure out how to plan a wedding..

We wanted to take some cute photos of course! 
I tried to make it so you could see the cows but it was blurry..

On the way to The Farm.

Bella telling Aunt Laura that her mom
and dad are finally getting married! 

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