Friday, January 15, 2016


I feel like I'm having to get back into my "Lady of the Farm" routine. I have been so busy, my grandma passed away a couple weeks ago, I had began writing a post about it but I just couldn't even finish it, it doesn't even feel real.
 I was also put on full time at work, everyone keeps saying "That's great! More money!" Yes, but when do I have time to spend it? I had to hire someone to clean the house this past week.. I've been so exhausted after work. I get enough sleep, I'm just so mentally drained from my job. It's so much to take in and do.
Anyway, the busy weeks don't stop there. This Tuesday I start real estate again. I will work full time then go to class at nights. I may have to hire a personal assistant! (TOTALLY JUST KIDDING... I have bills and a wedding to pay for..)
So while I search for inspiration on my next post, be patient with me. Thanks :) XOXO

In Loving Memory of Grandma, You will be missed! 

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