Sunday, February 28, 2016

A Fishing Trip & Good Company

The Farmer showing off his catch! 
Friday afternoon after our engagement photos, The Farmer suggested that we go fishing. Here's a few photos from our fishing trip. We caught a few fish, some white perch and a couple bass. It seems like forever since I've been fishing and now I am wanting to go do it again.

Monday, February 22, 2016

How to be A Perfect Farm Wife by Lorna Sixsmith

 This December I will officially become a Farm Wife. In my journey so far I have found that many people's views of becoming a farm wife is so different than what it is. I just happened to be searching through Amazon and looking at different books when I saw this one, "How to be a Perfect Farm Wife" by Lorna Sixsmith. 
What you should expect as a farm wife, how to drive a tractor and reverse a trailer, recipes, how to feed many people on a ten minutes notice, managing money, how to help out in the community, and business ideas are only a few of the great topics covered in this book!
 I am so buying this book when I get some money saved back, that is after paying for bills, wedding etc. I will have this book by time I get married! Here's a link so that you can easily get it and let me know how you like it! 

Garden Time- Improving your soil!

The weather is getting less chilly here in South Georgia and I, the biggest garden planting rebel there ever was, have already began planting. Saturday morning, Bella and I went out to the garden and began weeding it, we turned the soil over in the bed and we planted some basil seeds. Now that I've begun on my planting I can't help but to worry that it'll end up like last year. Literally the laughing stock of plants. My tomato plants were worthy of a good cry!

Anyway, I decided this year is going to be different, I'm going to began composting. Well, sort of. I don't really like the idea of having a big pile of random nastiness in my yard somewhere. I don't like the things that comes with compost like bugs and maggots etc. So, I've found a method to make the soil better WITHOUT the big pile of compost.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Time to catch up.

I have begun writing my book, "WHAT!?!" Yes, I am writing a book. Whenever it gets done, in a million years, I will be selling it on Amazon and eventually actual books once I sell enough. I won't go into too many details but it's called, "Southern Pearls" and it is literally just about living in small town, Georgia. I'm not quit sure where exactly it is going but for now, I am just letting things flow.
I've been working on it for about two months now and I'm beginning to realize that my heart is in writing. I am not much of a 9-5 girl, but I absolutely just adore writing. I guess it was sort of that way back in high school too. I loved when the teachers gave us the early morning warm ups where we had to write a page on whatever the topic was. When the teachers started giving us the essays that had to be long and drawn out, those were my favorite. I guess that's where my love for writing began. After high school, I got my job writing for an interior design website and that was seriously the BEST job I think I had ever had. I enjoyed it so much.
Anyway, I just wanted to talk awhile since I had a moment. The Farmer is at the cow sale today, Bella, the pampered little farm dog is sleeping beside my chair and the smell of steak and baked potatoes are filling the house.
Oh! Speaking of the little pampered farm dog, Bella will be getting a sister soon. NO I am NOT pregnant. Haha! The Farmer has recently had his heart stolen by Boykin Spaniels. We've spent many nights of him showing me videos and photos of the breed to talk me into it. Yep, I got sucked in. So, Bella will be a sister by the end of the year. Probably way before but still.
The wedding planning is going great too! We have finally picked a venue, a time, a date and this Saturday I get to go to a cake tasting appointment, Is the Farmer going? No, he has an auction to go to. I have to get used to this farm wife stuff. But so far, it's not too hard. When planting and harvesting season comes up, THAT is when it will get hard. That is also when I start going and sitting in the buddy seat of the old New Holland along with some sandwiches and drinks. Well, time to get back to work. Ciao!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

A look inside my famous cookbook

 I talk about my screen doors and sweet tea cookbook all the time, it's my famous Southern cookbook. It's by Martha Hall Foose, who did an AMAZING JOB on this book! BTW you can get my first review by clicking here!
I hide a bunch of things throughout the cookbook like notes, letters, cards, etc. So I decided to let you in on my cookbook goodies. The cover is torn to shreds, why? Two weeks after I got it I came home from my class and my dog had drug it out of my basket of books and torn it to pieces. How did she manage to rip up my new book when there were plenty of old books right there surrounding her? I'll never know how..