Sunday, February 28, 2016

A Fishing Trip & Good Company

The Farmer showing off his catch! 
Friday afternoon after our engagement photos, The Farmer suggested that we go fishing. Here's a few photos from our fishing trip. We caught a few fish, some white perch and a couple bass. It seems like forever since I've been fishing and now I am wanting to go do it again.

I walked down to the pond behind my farmer, stepping on top of vines and thorns with my boots. My boots sloshed in the water as I got closer down to the water. We stood there looking out and he threw his line out.
 I looked over and just smiled and watched him. He's simply perfect. He reeled in the line and threw it back out. We stood watching the water. The line pulled down and he reeled in an odd looked white fish.
The Farmer fishing
 I asked him what type of fish it was and he replied, "White Perch. Ain't it pretty?" I smiled and nodded. This moment was perfect. Everything I could ever want. 
The Pond
After moving around the pond a few times and not catching much I went to the other side where it's more shallow. The Farmer went to his own spot. I threw my line out and waited a few minutes then, before I knew it I was reeling in a fish! The Farmer heard the water sloshing around and ran to see what I had caught. 
My fish, I didn't want to drop it so I made The Farmer hold it. ;) 
I stood there letting the fish stay in the water. The Farmer ran down the path and picked it up. Then he said the words that I love to hear, "Good job! I am so proud of you!" I was so excited. I had not only gotten a fish but my man was proud of me. Now, it's time to go fishing again!

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