Tuesday, February 2, 2016

A look inside my famous cookbook

 I talk about my screen doors and sweet tea cookbook all the time, it's my famous Southern cookbook. It's by Martha Hall Foose, who did an AMAZING JOB on this book! BTW you can get my first review by clicking here!
I hide a bunch of things throughout the cookbook like notes, letters, cards, etc. So I decided to let you in on my cookbook goodies. The cover is torn to shreds, why? Two weeks after I got it I came home from my class and my dog had drug it out of my basket of books and torn it to pieces. How did she manage to rip up my new book when there were plenty of old books right there surrounding her? I'll never know how..
In my cookbook one of the first things I hid in the pages was a drawing of a house I did in class back in college. It's of the perfect farm wife house (notice I said farm wife ha!). It has a large walk in laundry/utility room in the back. It also has the master bed and bath right there on that side of the house, so when the Farmer gets home and tracks in mud he can make a pitstop to the laundry room, bathroom and bedroom and doesn't have to even come into your kitchen or living room with a drop of dirt. There's a large kitchen that is the center of the home and it has the largest pantry in the world (it's big enough to fit a large freezer in it along with shelving all the way around the rooms).
The next thing I have in my cookbook is "The Senior Challenge" sheet. It's a sheet with my goals from my senior year of high school. It has my goals to becoming a better girlfriend, a better person, and a better Christian. It also has my goals to becoming healthier and even things like staying off social media, drawing and painting more, growing herbs and even reading a book a day. I know someone out there is probably wondering if I actually succeeded with my list. And yes, I did do MOST of it. Some of it I didn't have time to do but it was very refreshing to have this sheet to look back on. It is sort of like my life goal list, to have peace and enjoy every moment. It's a good idea for any stage of life! In fact, I may start a new one soon.

"To Be a Better Christian: Pray Daily."
       -My Senior Challenge List

"To Know More: Learn a Life Lesson."
(I learned plenty of them being a senior in a small town high school.)

Another thing in my book are letters from one of my aunts. My Aunt Maerita has always been very festive. Sending a card every holiday since me and my cousins and sister were all little. So when she stopped sending as many cards, I missed them. It was really the only mail I ever got besides bills and catalogs. So one holiday before my Uncle Ronnie passed away I wrote her a letter telling her about what had been happening in my life lately, asking her how things were going. I'm a very sentimental person. I love things that other people give me, like photos, letters, recipes etc. I hang onto family stuff like that as if it's the last thing I'll ever have of them. It doesn't even have to be my family actually! I once found a 1940 photo of this lady and she looked IDENTICAL to me. I held onto it for about a year or maybe three before I decided to search for her family. Strangely, they didn't care to have her photo so I continue to hang onto it like she's my own relative. Speaking of photos, in my cookbook I also have photos from my graduation like the one here of my grandparents and my Aunt Maerita.

In Loving Memory of Poppy. You'll be missed! 
June 23, 1942-February 1, 2016 

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