Monday, February 22, 2016

How to be A Perfect Farm Wife by Lorna Sixsmith

 This December I will officially become a Farm Wife. In my journey so far I have found that many people's views of becoming a farm wife is so different than what it is. I just happened to be searching through Amazon and looking at different books when I saw this one, "How to be a Perfect Farm Wife" by Lorna Sixsmith. 
What you should expect as a farm wife, how to drive a tractor and reverse a trailer, recipes, how to feed many people on a ten minutes notice, managing money, how to help out in the community, and business ideas are only a few of the great topics covered in this book!
 I am so buying this book when I get some money saved back, that is after paying for bills, wedding etc. I will have this book by time I get married! Here's a link so that you can easily get it and let me know how you like it! 

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