Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Wanderlust & A Camping Trip

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In a couple of weeks I'll be leaving for a short "adventure". But don't worry, I will fill y'all in on EVERYTHING when I get back. But just thinking about this trip making my wandering soul so excited. While I'm gone I will be hiking, spending most of my time outdoors, at the creek, and just enjoying the outdoors.
When I was little, we traveled ALL the time. I've been to Niagara Falls(NY), Buffalo(NY), Savannah(GA), Lake Toxaway(NC), Brevard(NC), Highlands(NC), St. Simons Island(GA), Jekyll Island(GA), Fernandina(FL), St. Augustine(FL), Atlanta(GA), Stone Mountain(GA), Washington(PA), Washington DC(VA), Lancaster(PA), Dayton(OH), Helen(GA), Macon(GA)Eufaula(AL)...

The list could go on and on. 

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But traveling so much when I was little, got me spoiled. I have a sense of adventure. I love riding on the way to a new trip, I love exploring new areas, I love maps (Not using them, just having them), and of course, I melt at the sight of a waterfall!

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I love to camp too! When I was about sixteen, my two sisters and I went backyard camping. We lived far out in the country and coyotes were a regular nighttime guests especially when we had our goats and chickens. Caroline, my stepsister technically and I were the oldest, both sixteen. Savannah, who was thirteen at the time was always left out of everything. So, one night at dinner we decided to go camping. My dad who knew Savannah always got left out ran a message by her that they would play a prank on us later that night. We were all notorious for our pranks. So, Caroline and I had overheard them talking about their prank so we told Savannah that she could go with us in the tent. We pitched our tent, made a small fire and then settled into our tent. We had our dog in the tent, he was a little lab puppy if I remember right. We may a deal that we would all do "Bathroom duty" we'd all let him out sometime during the night. (You'll see why that's relevant in a minute.) While sitting around the fire our dad told us "scary coyote and ghost stories", what he didn't know was that he was spooking the wrong person. Ha!
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We went into the tent and we were all talking and laughing like teen girls do, then we heard something..
We all sat up and nervously looked around. Then out of no where we hear a chainsaw and it rips through the back of the tent. My dad and younger brother Sam had decided to try and scare us and that they did. Between screaming and trying to escape from the tent we had obviously shown the level of fear they had triggered. So after yelling and throwing a few things at them, they went inside. 
Oh Savannah is going to kill me for writing this...
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Remember how I said Savannah and dad had plotted to scare us with the coyote stories? 
Well, we all went to sleep and about 2:00 in the morning we were awoken by my terrified little sister. "Adrian! Caroline! Hurry! Wake up!" We both bolted up, irritated for being so rudely awoken. We both asked her what was going on, then she told us something that we would laugh at for years to come. "There's coyotes outside and I have to go to the bathroom!" Caroline and I looked at each other, we laughed a little then laid back down. Sounded like a personal problem. A few minutes later, we heard a rustling sound against the tent. I sat up and Savannah is shaking and going, "See? I told you!" I woke Caroline back up and we sat there staring at the what seemed like a huge shadow because of the moon light. It walked back and forth in front of the tent. We all sat there shaking and staring at the shadow, just waiting for it to lunge on our tent and eat us alive. We tried to call our dad but mine and Caroline's cell phones were dead. Savannah even started yelling for our dad to come help her out. I suppose he heard her because he eventually came out. When he started coming out, we yelled that there was a coyote around the tent. Then.... "meeeeeeooooow." We all looked at each other realizing how stupid we probably all sounded.
Then we laughed. and laughed. and laughed. 
When we think of camping or it ever comes up, that story is always the first brought up by everyone of us, we will seriously sit there and laugh about that still after all this time that has passed.

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