Wednesday, April 6, 2016

A Letter to the Farm Girlfriend

Dear Farm Girlfriend;

Let me just start by saying, if mud makes you cringe, cow patties make you nauseous and stinky boots make you want to throw them out then you, my darling, are in the wrong situation.

You probably stumbled onto this post by searching for ways to be a better "farm girlfriend", or maybe you went on Pinterest and typed in "Farmer's Girl", who knows, maybe you even went onto Google and said, "How do I be a good farm girl when I'm from the city?" Am I right? Well, if you did, then welcome to my world. I was there once. I was trying to figure out how in the world was I supposed to be a good farm wife. How was I supposed to go out with a man who is practically gone 95% of the Summer? How will we spend quality time together? What if we get married? Will I have to be a single mama during the Planting and Harvesting seasons? There were a million questions running through my head and very few answers. 

So I did the thing most girls would do and I turned to Google, Pinterest, Facebook and my own blog...

 What I found, wasn't much help. It kind of seemed like the girls writing felt like they had to keep some secrets from my fragile soul. So here I am to tell you that being a "farm girlfriend" is not as glammed up as it seems. Here's some things you need to know in order to survive being a farmer's girl.

  1. You need to have a good pair of rain boots. I know you were expecting some major spiritual advice like be patient or love him no matter what. But this, this is gold. Keep your boots in your car and you can thank me later.
  2. Now, for the support stuff. You need to support him emotionally, spiritually and sometimes even physically. Emotionally, when the crops do bad or a cow dies he will need a good pick-me-up, so have some comfort food and a little sympathy ready for him as soon as his boot hits the front porch. Spiritually, you'll need to be there because what is farming if you don't have anyone praying for you and your family business? It's depression waiting to happen, that's what. Fall back on God and you'll always have some light in your life and on your farm. Physically, you may have to do this. I did. Helping your farmer into the ER, not an easy task when you're as short and weak as I am. But you may have to do it sometime. 
  3. Be prepared for Emergency Room trips. When I wrote my post, "And God made a Farmer" I was experiencing this. Since then I have experienced it only once more, Thank God! When times like that come around you tend to get closer to God and to each other.
  4. Don't forget your chap-stick! You'll get out there and get windburn, sunburn or chapped lips and wish you had listened to this. 
  5. Remember, he's not perfect and neither are you. Don't get mad over small things. He has enough stress on him already, he doesn't need you stressing him out. 
  6. Planting and Harvesting are farm widow times. You will feel single sometimes. He will come home too tired to do anything but sit in his chair and sleep. On those nights you just need to kiss his forehead, put a blanket over him, take off his boots and make sure he knows his food is on the table before you head home for the night. 
  7. Another thing, you should always support his ideas. No matter how crazy they may seem. I thought the Farmer was insane when he tried dove hunts, but then when he started making money, it wasn't so crazy. But when he tried "guided squirrel hunts".. yeah, that was a bit much.. But I still supported it. 
Now, go out and enjoy your man. Make sure that he knows you love him and want to make him happy by supporting him! 

Sincerely Yours,

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