Monday, April 4, 2016

My Trip to the Mountains

As promised, here is my post about my trip. Our first day up there it rained awhile. The fog was so thick that we could only see a few feet in front of us. When we finally made it to the house this was our view.

We decided to go exploring down at the creek and in the old barn, it misted on us a little bit but we just pulled our jackets over our heads and walked down the creek. 
In the barn we climbed up to the loft and looked around. Then, that night we (not me) caught worms in the yard. Night Crawlers. (They are in the popcorn jar.) We ate at Rocky's in Brevard, then we went searching book stores for journaling bibles through Brevard. Our GPS got us lost and we ended up going down a steep hill then having to hike back up when we got lost. Then another day we hung around Sylva and ate at some Oyster House by the creek, it was sooo good! I had my first Shrimp Po Boy (which was amazing btw.) I wasn't ready to come home but I guess I must come home sometime right?
The creek.

The creek through one of the pastures that we fished in.
The barn on our property
One of the pastures
Some random mushrooms I found while
 following the creek through the pastures.
While fishing, we found this orange turtle! 
Our worms were in this old popcorn jar.
The view from our fishing spot.
While exploring some land up there we
 found this old abandoned school bus!
We also found this grave marker. Don't know
much about Ricky but we do know he
 was far up on this mountain when he passed away.
We also visited my great-great grandparents gravesite.
The one I was named after. (Rosa McCall Owen) 

Traveling through the mountains
we stopped a minute to look at the drop off's and lakes. 
Then we stopped to explore around Silver Run Falls outside of Cashiers.
We walked all the way to the rock under the base of the falls. 
On my way to the rock there at the base.

So, there you go. A small look at my trip to the mountains this past weekend.