Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Ducks & Clucks

They all seem to be getting along pretty good 
 After spending the day in the chicken/duck coop I noticed that these guys are all getting along better than they were. The ducks seem to be more chill and the chicks seem to be considering the ducks to be like them. They're running on the backs of the ducks and occasionally a duck will nip at a chick but it's usually after one of the chicks has been pecking at the ducks. 

Faith the Duck
Faith is still getting around the same, still crawling on her back joints. It worries me. I'm going to be searching on ways to make her a duck mobile. Maybe even do some duck water therapy. Speaking of which, the Farmer got them a kiddie pool (Faith of course can't get into it unless placed in it by one of us). The other two however, haven't gotten in it. They've just been drinking from it. Hmm. Ducks that don't like water? Haha! I told the Farmer to just give them some time and they'll eventually get the hang of it. 
The ducks and chicks all snuggled up. 

Also, I began an album called Ducks & Clucks on my Lady of the Farm Facebook. So be sure to check it out for more photos from the coop! 

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