Thursday, May 19, 2016

Eat Local, Feel Better: 5 Reasons to Eat Local

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With the produce stands opening this past week more and more people are "eating local". In small towns like the one I live in they will beat you to death with the whole "Eat Local", "Buy Local" stuff.

In my town we have a small farmer's market with big selection and

But does eating local produce actually have it's major benefits?

Of course it does! Here are only a few reasons why you should be eating local.

  1.  Help the farmers. These guys are your neighbors, they live in the same area, probably know the same people and if you live in a small town they probably grew up with your family. Some of the farmers I know make most of their living and grocery/bill money from selling produce, eggs, beef, etc. 
  2. Save your gas. Why go out of town to buy squash for dinner? You may as well drain your gas out and just watch your money fly out of your hands. Go to the little fruit & veggie stand down the road and buy some squash and maybe even a few more things for LESS than what you would've bought it at the store. Not to mention, you'll be saving gas so now you can go places this weekend. 
  3. Ask the source yourself. If the farmer selling the produce grew it (some do, some don't). Then he should be able to answer what chemicals if any were sprayed on the produce. If he can't, don't panic. Just be aware that if insecticides weren't sprayed, you're food wouldn't be there. Just being real with ya. 
  4. You're food will be fresher. Your produce hasn't been stuffed in a box for hours or days in a semi going from state to state. It's more than likely placed in a box and taken from the farm to wherever it is to be sold. 
  5. You'll be eating seasonally. Believe it or not, eating seasonally will actually make your body feel better. Why? Because when fruit or vegetables are in season they're full of vitamins and they'll be healthier for you more then than when they're not in season. 

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