Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Oh my Chickadees!

Is it bad? Is it bad that I just don't feel like writing right now? Is it bad that I just don't feel inspired? 

Maybe I'm in need of some farm therapy. You know, the kind of therapy where you go lay in a duck pen and lay down and let the ducks run all over you? 

It's May and I feel like the farm life is whizzing by me, while I just sit all foggy headed watching it go by. The produce stand is now open, the planting season has begun and the Farmer is finishing up his planting. I on the other hand have been working at the hotel ALL THE TIME, which, I don't mind because that means more pay but I miss being around the farm everyday. Especially when everything is getting exciting. 

We have babies EVERYWHERE around the farm. Baby chicks and ducks are taking over! The Farmer has a few hens that will lay eggs but refuse to sit on them. So he's been taking the eggs and placing them in the incubator as soon as he can get to them. I wasn't sure how it would work out but he had eleven eggs and eight hatched! I was surprised! They're so precious and tiny. 
It's kind of interesting to me, the eggs are so tiny, so detailed and so unique. Some are bigger than others, some are blue, some are white, and some even have spots. 

But after some weeks in an incubator they become little tiny souls. Chirping little souls. It's kind of amazing how God created these little creatures inside of that shell. It's even neater when you candle them throughout the time they're forming. The Farmer was doing one of them closer to the hatch date and I saw it's beak and then it moved. To see its teeny tiny body moving in that egg is almost like watching a child move in it's mother's belly on an ultrasound. It is seriously one of those moments in life where you can't help but to be in awe at what God has done.

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