Monday, May 30, 2016

Prayers Needed

They say God gives you the strength when you most need it. I found myself in a situation this past weekend where I needed the strength and He didn't let me down. Long story short, I came face to face with a man who had pure and honest to goodness evil inside of him. I had watched him and heard him long enough to know something was up. But when I saw him and his eyes locked with mine, I knew.

Call me crazy or whatever you want but I could feel the evil almost radiating off of him. I've only felt like that once before in my life. My mom says it's some spirit gift, like the gift of discernment or something.

I mean, I know some pretty awful people that I say have something in them but this man was unlike any of them. He had evil in his eyes. I could feel my heart fluttering and beating out of my chest at the same time as he walked towards me. Then he asked me where the elevator was and it was amazing what happened next...

...I spoke with such a strong voice. The way I thought my voice would sound was pipsqueak like, but the sound that came out was almost like a booming strong sound.

He turned the other way and walked off. My heart slowed down and I let out a sigh of relief and slipped into the closest room. I sat there and began begging God to help him and the people with him.

Although this is a nice thought there is a really urgent part that I need all the prayer warriors to help with.
There's children involved in the horrifying situation that followed after that encounter. None of us present were aware that we could do something without being arrested until they had left. So please please please pray for protection and please pray that God will intervene. I have true faith that God will not only take care of the situation but also take care of the adults in whatever way He feels is appropriate.

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