Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Southern Small Town Gems: Burton Brooks, Barney, Ga.

Photo Credit: Burton Brooks Facebook
If you've ever listened to a country song, then you know what living in Georgia is. Backroads, blue jean shorts, little tank tops and shotguns. Let's not forget the dog on the toolbox! 
But what the songs don't tell you about is the little small town gems that locals rave about. Down here in South Georgia we have one of the best hidden gems! 
It's famous for it's peaches, ice cream and my favorite, their lemonade! 

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Recipe from the Farm Kitchen: Coca-Cola Cake

Photo Credit:  Coca-Cola Company 
In the South, where Coca-Cola A.K.A. Coke is a delicacy there's a type of cake that is just as special as the Coke itself. What is that? Oh yes, the caramel cake is special but the coca-cola cake is one of those "Dirty Little Secret" foods. The best flavor below the mason dixon, it's one that we should all try! 

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Survival Guide to Planting Season: Farm Wife Edition

Planting Season: Survival Guide for Farm Wives 

Being married to a farmer isn't always glammed up like most women think. Why do I say that? 


The time of year when farm wives and girlfriends become almost like a widow. We spend a lot of time alone and a lot of women tend to get to such a depressed state. Some get so depressed and lonely that they end up pushing the farmer away. Don't be that type of wife/ girlfriend. I've made it through a few planting and harvesting seasons now and I have finally gotten the hang of it. Want to know how I survive the planting season?